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Issue 4 - An Amendment to Require Four Licenses to be Issued for Casino Gaming at Casinos, One Each in Crittenden (to Southland Racing Corporation), Garland (to Oaklawn Jockey Club, Inc.), Pope, and Jefferson Counties 

Arkansas voters approved Issue 4 on Nov. 6, 2018. View results.

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Know before you vote 

On Election Day, you will see only the popular name and title of each proposal. Want to read the rest of it? Here's a link to the complete text of Issue 4

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What's being proposed?

This amendment asks voters to add a section to the Arkansas Constitution to authorize four casinos to operate in the state. If approved by voters, this amendment would:

  1. Authorize four casinos to operate in the state, one in Jefferson County within two miles of Pine Bluff, one in Pope County within two miles of Russellville, one at or adjacent to Oaklawn Jockey Club in Garland County, and one at or adjacent to Southland Racing Corporation in Crittenden County.
  2. Define what type of casino gaming may occur at the four casinos.
  3. Prohibit people under 21 from gambling.
  4. Assign the Arkansas Racing Commission to regulate the licensing and operation of the casinos.
  5. Require the legislature to enact laws and appropriate funds for use by the Arkansas Racing Commission.
  6. Establish minimum requirements for who can receive casino licenses in Jefferson and Pope County and require licensees to conduct casino gaming for as long as they have a license.
  7. Require Arkansas Racing Commission to fund and work with Department of Human Services to implement and administer compulsive gambling disorder educational programs.
  8. Authorize the Arkansas Department of Human Services to make rules to administer compulsive gambling disorder educational programs.
  9. Establish tax rates on casino gaming net receipts and how that revenue is distributed.
  10. Require greyhound and horse raising operators to contribute to racing purses and awards and for Southland to set aside money for capital improvements to its racing facilities.
  11. Allow the casinos to operate any day, all day.
  12. Allow the casinos to serve alcohol during all hours in which gaming takes place, regardless of whether the casino is located in a dry city or county.
  13. Require casinos purchase alcohol from a licensed Arkansas wholesaler.
  14. Permit the shipment of gaming devices to the casinos.
  15. Establish that the amendment would not affect current laws regarding greyhound and horse racing, other gambling, bingos and raffles, the state scholarship lottery, or electronic games of skill.
  16. Declare any state laws in conflict with this amendment would not apply to this amendment.

How did Issue 4 get on the ballot?

More than 84,859 Arkansas voters signed a petition to put the proposed constitutional amendment on the ballot.

On Sept. 10, 2018, a lawsuit was filed in an attempt to remove Issue 4 from the November ballot. The lawsuit is working its way through the court system and a ruling will be made before Election Day. You can read the lawsuit here.

A second lawsuit seeking to remove Issue 4 was filed Sept. 12, 2018. You can read that lawsuit here.

Update: The Arkansas Supreme Court on Oct. 11 ruled that Issue 4 will remain on the ballot. Votes for or against the proposed amendment will count. Read the court opinion here and here

Who is supporting or opposing this measure?

Supporters and opponentsthat spend money to campaign are required to register with the Arkansas Ethics Commission as a ballot or legislative question committee. Visit the Commission's website to view these filings, which include names of people behind a group and how much money has been raised or spent. 

Supporter Opponent
Driving Arkansas Forward Family Action Council Committee BQC2
Arkansas Jobs Coalition Ensuring Arkansas' Future
It's Our Turn Citizens for a Better Pope County a/k/a Citizens for Local Choice
Jobs for Pope County Vote No on Issue 4