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Issue 3 - Arkansas Term Limits Amendment

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Issue 3 has been struck from the ballot. Votes will not be counted.

The Arkansas Supreme Court ruled Oct. 19 that there were technical errors with petition pages containing voter signatures. Without those signatures, the supporters of Issue 3 did not have enough valid voter signatures to place Issue 3 on the statewide ballot for a vote. Read the court opinion

Know before you vote 

On Election Day, you will see only the popular name and title of each proposal. Want to read the rest of it? Here's a link to the complete text of Issue 3

Watch our specialists explain Issue 3 in the video below.

What's being proposed?

This amendment asks voters to change term limits for the General Assembly as described in Amendment 73 of the Arkansas Constitution, and to prohibit legislators from further altering these term limits. If approved by the voters, this amendment would:

  1. Repeal existing term limits of 16 years.
  2. Limit terms in the Arkansas House of Representatives to three two-year terms for a total of six years over a life-time.
  3. Limit terms in the Arkansas Senate to two four-year terms for a total of eight years over a life-time.
  4. Prohibit legislators from serving more than 10 years in the General Assembly.
  5. Include all two-year terms, four-year terms, and full years of partial terms resulting from special elections in the overall 10-year limit that would be put into place under this amendment.
  6. Apply the life-time limits to all terms served by legislators on or after Jan. 1, 1993, with the exception of allowing legislators to complete their term even if it puts them over the 10-year limit.
  7. Prohibit legislators from proposing constitutional amendments to change term limits for the General Assembly.

How did Issue 3 get on the ballot?

More than 84,859 Arkansas voters signed a petition to put the proposed constitutional amendment on the ballot.

How was Issue 3 "removed" from the ballot?

On Sept. 5, 2018, a lawsuit was filed with the Arkansas Supreme Court in an attempt to remove Issue 3 from the November ballot. The lawsuit stated that there were flaws with paperwork filed by petition canvassers, which should have disqualified several thousand voter signatures. If the signatures were disqualified, Issue 3 would not have the 84,859 valid signatures required to be placed on the ballot. You can read the lawsuit here

On Oct. 19, the Arkansas Supreme Court agreed with challengers and ruled that votes would not be counted on Issue 3. Read the majority opinion. Read the dissenting opinion.

Because the ruling came after ballots have been printed and voting machines have been programmed, you may still see Issue 3 physically appear on your ballot. However, votes cast for or against will not be counted. 

Who is supporting or opposing this measure?

Supporters and opponents that spend money to campaign are required to register with the Arkansas Ethics Commission as a ballot or legislative question committee. Visit the Commission's website to view these filings, which include names of people behind a group and how much money has been raised or spent. 

Multiple groups have filed with the Arkansas Ethics Commission to financially support or oppose Issue 3. These groups include:

Support Oppose
Arkansas Term Limits Arkansans for Common-Sense Term Limits
US Term Limits  
Family Council Action Committee BQC