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Breakthrough Solutions 

Graphic depicting Breakthrough Solutions Model

Breakthrough Solutions is an award-winning, next-generation strategic planning and development program of the University of Arkansas Cooperative Extension Service with partners in the public, private and non-profit sectors.

This program is designed for communities and regions ready to take action.

We live in a time of accelerating and unprecedented change; what worked 10 years ago or even five years ago may not work today. Successful communities, regions and businesses understand the key drivers of change in the world, and leverage their assets to create breakthroughs that can move them forward, sometimes in dramatic ways. 

The Breakthrough Solutions Program takes asset-based development to the next level, and builds on tremendous work that has been done on extraordinary communities, community change models, community capitals, appreciative inquiry and strategic doing. It moves communities to action more quickly than traditional strategic planning processes.

The Breakthrough Solutions Partners employ a planning and action process that is:

  • asset-based,
  • technology-enabled,
  • community-driven, and
  • results- oriented.

"Breakthrough Solutions is considered one of the most cutting-edge programs in the field because it incorporates asset-based work and innovative tools to break beyond boundaries." 

    -Gisele Hamm, Awards Committee Chair, Community Development Society

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