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Arkansas Property Taxes

Property taxes are an important source of revenue for school districts, counties and cities in Arkansas.  Property tax revenue helps to fund our K-12 schools, county and city roads and bridges, police and fire departments, libraries and many other social services. Browse our resources to learn more about the services provided from property tax revenue, how the property tax is administered and who pays the property tax. This information is provided for every county in the state. 

Arkansas Property Tax Infographic: How do Arkansas property taxes impact you? Property tax revenue per capita in 2017 is $1,602 for the United States and $738 for Arkansas. 77% of property tax revenue goes to school districts, 15% to counties and 8% to cities. Sources: Annual Survey of State and Local Government Finance and the Arkansas Assessment Coordination Department


Cover page for 2020 property tax publications  Property Tax Publications

Use the accordion menus below to browse our property tax publications. Last update: August 2020.