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The services demanded by residents and provided by local governments are under constant pressure from a changing population and economy. Our Local Government program provides community members and local officials with resources to plan the provision of infrastructure and services in the changing economic climate of the state. Explore our pages to learn more about the functions of local governments, sales and property taxes, and more.

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The deadline to pay your Arkansas property tax bill is fast approaching.  To avoid penalties, be sure to remit your payment to the state by October 15th

It is also a good time to learn how your property is assessed and your tax bill is calculated.  For some quick facts, click on the infographic at the right.  Or, for more information, check out our fact sheet Administration of Arkansas' Property Tax.

Are you look for county-specific property tax data?  Visit for our county-specific publications on Arkansas property taxes.

If you have questions about any of our local government publications, please contact Tyler Knapp: 501-671-2241 or

Arkansas Property Tax Facts infographic.  A circular, multicolor image with six different facts included. The text reads: 1) October 15, Property taxes are due! Be sure to pay on time.  Late payments are subject to a 10% penalty plus costs and collector's fees; 2) $1.8 billion, The amount of funding Arkansas schools received from property taxes for the 2017-18 school year; 3) 89%, The share of total assessments from real estate and personal property in 2017, about $39.8 billion; 4) Millage, The amount of property taxes owed, in dollars, per $1,000 of assessed property value.  Statewide, the average millage rate was 47.48 in 2017; 5) 23%, The share of total revenue county governments in Arkansas received from property taxes in 2016; 6) Assessed Value, The taxable value of property.  In Arkansas, real and personal property are assessed at a rate of 20% of market value.

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Interlocal Agreements

Download the Interlocal Agreements fact sheet to learn how local governments in Arkansas work together to provide services and infrastructure to their communities.