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Broadband in Arkansas

The internet connects rural communities to information and global markets that might otherwise be unavailable or hard to access. Despite this, much of America remains without fast and reliable broadband. Arkansas is no exception.

Test Your Internet Service

Help us identify Internet gaps and service issues across the state by participating in an anonymous broadband speed test at You can test all your devices at home, work and wherever you go as many times as you want. A large number of data points provides a more complete picture of access in Arkansas and throughout the U.S..

Information gathered through this study includes each device’s IP address, but will not include personal identifying information about the user. After the test, participants may review and compare research results with the published results of the FCC and industry using an interactive mapping feature. This effort is being supported by the Extension Committee on Organization and Policy (ECOP), the National Digital Education Extension Team (NDEET), land-grant university leaders, and Cooperative Extension System economic development partners.

Picture of antenna to depict wireless internet access

Arkansas Broadband Resources

Why Is Being Online Important?

The four part video series, “If You’re Not on the Internet, You Don’t Exist: Developing Broadband Infrastructure for Your Area,” was originally recorded at the 2017 Breakthrough Solutions Conference in Little Rock.

Listen to industry experts discuss strategies for bringing broadband to local communities and state and federal funding options.