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2019 WET/DRY STATUS OF ARKANSAS COUNTIES — View the 2019 update of the Wet/Dry Status of Arkansas Counties map at

Residential services provided by local governments are under constant pressure from a changing population and economy. Our Local Government program provides community members and local officials with resources to plan the provision of infrastructure and services in the changing economic climate of the state. 

Arkansas county wet/dry status map

State law allows counties and their political divisions to allow or prohibit the sale of alcohol. Some areas allow the sale of beer, wine and liquor. Other areas limit sales to beer and wine, and some prevent the sale of alcohol all together.

The 2019 update of the Wet/Dry Status of Arkansas Counties map is your key to understanding the laws of each county. See which counties are wet, damp and dry, and which areas of each county limit the sale of alcohol. You can also find out how many permits each county is entitled to if alcohol is, or were to become, legal. Finally, the updated map includes the 12 towns in Arkansas that allow Sunday alcohol sales.

View the map by going to


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Interlocal Agreements

Download the Interlocal Agreements fact sheet to learn how local governments in Arkansas work together to provide services and infrastructure to their communities.


Image of the Arkansas Wet/Dry Map

Arkansas Wet/Dry Map

The legal status of alcohol sales in Arkansas varies among and within counties.  This map will help you break down the law in every county in the state.

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