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Become a Share Grounds Client

Interested in aggregating produce or making a food product? 

After reviewing our resources to start your food business, follow these steps to become a client at a Share Grounds facility. 


Client Intake Form

Complete the client intake form and contact your local Share Grounds Manager.

Angela Armes, Marshall: (501) 265-9103

John Payne, McCrory: (501) 744-8243

Ryan Sinclair, Rison: (501) 744-8236


Trial Run

Schedule a time to run a trial of your product in the Share Grounds Kitchen to determine if your product is safe, and practice a scale up run to determine if your product works on a commercial scale.


Contact Arkansas Dept. Of Health (ADH)

Contact Jacob Ellis  


Brad Tubbs at the ADH regarding your intention to produce a product at the Share Grounds.


Contact Food & Drug Administration (FDA)

File your product with the FDA. Information on doing this can be found on the FDA website.


 Develop Procedures

The manager will assist the client with developing a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP), Sanitation Standard Operating Procedure (SSOP), Recall Plan, and an Allergen Plan.


 Product Label

Develop a product label. The Product Labeling Information Guide provides information on mandatory label requirements. For a nominal fee, AFIC can provide you with a nutritional facts panel.


Purchase Insurance

You must buy product liability insurance. The Food Liability Insurance Program (FLIP) provides insurance to small food sellers (~$300/yr).


Permission and Review

Sign an agreement with the Cooperative Extension Service giving you permission to use the Share Grounds, and review all paperwork with the Share Grounds site manager.


ADH Permit

Apply for a food manufacturing permit from ADH. The application must include your SOP, SSOPs, recall plan, allergen plan and label.

Services and Rental Fee Rates

Coming Soon