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Leadership Training Tools

Being a community leader is no different than being a school teacher, lawyer or doctor. They all need continuing education to stay proficient in their field. The University of Arkansas Cooperative Extension Service has been training leaders since 1914. We conduct training for both the emerging and the experienced leaders.  We have conducted training for local leadership groups, civic clubs, government officials, nonprofits and many other groups. Contact us today for all your training needs.

Some common training needs include:

Cross County Leadership meeting

Effective Meetings

Most people do not like to attend meetings, especially if they consider them a waste of time.  There are several key elements to a successful meeting........

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One dog telling a story to another dog

Effective Communication & Listening

Communication is a process of sending and receiving messages.  Each person has his/her own style of gathering, organizing and using the skills and knowledge that is presented to them.   

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Other Presentations and Workshops Available

  • Leadership Principles:
    • Sometimes we call someone a leader when in actuality they are a manager. Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower stated that "Leadership is getting people to follow you." This training teaches what the characteristics of a good leader are, how to recognize your individual leadership style and how to use that knowledge to become a better leader.
  • Board Governance:
    • All nonprofit corporations are governed by Arkansas Law know as the Nonprofit Corporation Act of 1993, Arkansas Code §4-33-704.  This law is very specific on what Boards can and cannot do legally.  Many organizations are not aware of this law and many times are in non-compliance.  One of the best ways to comply is to have and follow a good set of bylaws.  We help organizations understand what board governance means and how to apply it to their organization.
  • Ethics:
    • In today's environment, we hear the phrase "Being Transparent" many times.  Even being transparent does not necessarily mean "Being Ethical".  What was done may be perfectly legal, but not in the best interest of those involved or possibly even have been done for self-serving reason.  During our session we will look at situations and determine how the situation was perceived.
  • Issue Prioritization
    • One way to prioritize issues is through the process known as  The Nominal Group Technique.   This is a method of identifying problems, exploring solutions, and establishing priorities in small group settings. It allows each participant to share their ideas without any initial discussion using a round-robin identification process. Any and all ideas are equal initially.  After all ideas have been identified, discussion follows and then participants rank their choice using a colored dot voting system. Priorities are then set based on voting patterns.  The process has been used extensively in business and government and has proven especially beneficial in fostering citizen participation in program planning.
  • True Colors ©
    • As early as 400 B.C. Hippocrates discovered there are four personality types. Various tests have been developed for identifying personality types, but individuals rarely remembered their type because of the name given. In 1978, True Colors® was developed using colors as personality types, which can be 

      easily remembered. It can be used with all age groups.

    • There are four colors: Green, Blue, Orange and Gold. Your color is determined by rating groups of values that are associated with different personalities. Once your color is determined, various group activities are used to strengthen your 
      abilities to communicate with other people. These activities help you recognize your own personality and the personality of those around you.  True Colors® is a copyrighted program and the Cooperative Extension Service has four certified facilitators to conduct this program. For more information contact one of the facilitators.

  • Customized Training:
      • We can build any presentation around any specific need that your organization should need in leadership.

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