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LeadAR Participant Testimonials

LeadAR group 16
LeadAR Class 16 poses for the camera during the 2014 Day at the Capitol.

LeadAR has been providing life-changing experiences for Arkansans since 1984. A recent evaluation of all alumni found 99% agreed or strongly agreed their participation in LeadAR was well spent. Here's what people are saying:

LeadAR prepared me for community service and connected me to some of the best resources available. People from both large and small communities gave me fresh ideas and a more complete perspective than my own view of things.

Bruce Martin
Regional Operations Manager, Holt Agribusiness
Class 3 - Jonesboro

The LeadAR experience was the "change" that allowed me to stretch and discover horizons that I would not have otherwise considered. As a result, I grew personally and professionally and am now a champion for improving the status quo.

Diane Tatum
Regional Manager, Entergy (retired)
Class 8 - Pine Bluff

If you want to be a part of a dynamic program that will affect and influence your life beyond the two-year commitment become a LeadAR class member. If you want a program that will help you make contacts and friends throughout the state of Arkansas and beyond, become a LeadAR class member. If you feel you need and want to make a difference in your community and state, then become a LeadAR class member. LeadAR changed my life, and I know it will change yours.

Rose Mary Jackson
Associate Vice Chancellor of Institutional Advancement
Arkansas State University-Beebe
Class 8 - Searcy

My LeadAR experience was the pivotal point in my personal and professional life. Through friendships, networking, knowledge, and experiences gained during my two-year commitment, I developed the confidence and skills to step outside the box.  I now have a very challenging and rewarding career that touches communities throughout the state of Arkansas.

Denisa Pennington
Mayor, City of Warren
Class 9 - Warren

LeadAR is an amazing opportunity to meet people from around the state and form professional bonds and friendships. My classmates have been resources that have made a huge impact on my job performance over the last few years. Without the LeadAR experience, I can honestly say there are a number of projects for my community that wouldn't have happened.

Jon Chadwell
Executive Director
Newport Economic Development Commission
Class 10 - Newport

This program not only helped me professionally by networking while also expanding my knowledge of industries and issues in Arkansas, but this program has helped me personally. I have such a different mindset after meeting so many different people and hearing all of their different stories. LeadAR has exposed me to the experiences to becoming a well-rounded, knowledgeable young adult and emerging leader.

Maddison Stewart Stone
Marketing Manager
Greenway Equipment, Inc.
Class 18 - Wynne

With LeadAR’s valuable leadership training along with the national and international experience, I came away from the program with a greater understanding of challenges we face: but more importantly, confidence and resources to overcome those challenges.

Alan McVey
Deputy Director & Chief of Staff
Arkansas Department of Finance & Administration
Class 4 - Little Rock

There seems to be a direct correlation between ignorance and living a selfish, isolated life. LeadAR immerses it's participants in travel and interaction, not only with classmates, but people who are in positions to make a real difference in this world. LeadAR allowed me to walk a mile in a lot of other people's shoes, giving me insight and perspective on a wide spectrum of subjects. Subjects that matter, the ones which shape the communities, state and nation in which we live.

Jackie C. Prince
Rice and soybean farmer
Class 12 - Biscoe