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Arkansas Leadership Programs and Resources

Arkansas is no longer isolated -- its boundaries now extend around the world as national and international forces profoundly affect life in our state.

When the Land Grant Colleges were formed in 1862 and 1890, they were called "people's colleges" because they provided practical education for a broad spectrum of people. This included a commitment to teaching people information about particular technical subjects, as well as the leadership and organizational skills to get things done in their communities and improve their quality of life.

Community and Economic Development's commitment to this worthy goal continues today. Leadership programs enhance the leadership abilities of citizens throughout Arkansas.

Programs & Resources

Become an Influential Leader in Arkansas with LeadAR

Do you want to be part of an influential network of professionals who help their companies, organizations, and communities meet challenges in rapidly changing environments? Would you like to gain a broader perspective, become a better communicator, and enhance your critical thinking skills to help guide others toward creative solutions? Are you looking for the confidence to step up and engage diverse groups in discussions about critical issues facing Arkansas?

If so, then LeadAR is for you! You could become one of over 460 alumni in a powerful network reaching and serving all parts of the state. This group finds viable solutions for Arkansas by representing rural interests and working effectively with urban leaders.

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Training Resources

Community and Economic Development (CED) provides educational programs and technical assistance to strengthen Arkansas leaders.

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