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  • Economic Trends, Opportunities and Impacts in Arkansas Communities

To take advantage of Arkansas' position in the global economy, communities should:

  • Identify local economic trends and opportunities.
  • Understand the potential and realized impacts of development projects.

To identify local and regional trends and opportunities, Community and Economic Development can:

  • Assist local leaders in Arkansas understand the global, national and local trends affecting their communities.
  • Identify local assets on which to build the regional economy.
  • Work with leaders to use this information to identify economic opportunities for their communities and regions.
  • Assist in implementation of economic development strategies.
The clock tower at Pulaski County Courthouse in Little Rock.

We can also provide Arkansas communities with estimates of economic and fiscal impacts of projects, businesses or economic strategies. 

Economic impact reports estimate contributions to the local economy that are generated by new economic activity, including:

  • The number and type of jobs.
  • The additional income.
  • The additional value added, which is a measure of the size of the local economy.

Fiscal impact reports estimate the additional revenue and expenses for local units of government generated by new economic activity.  This includes additional revenue and expenses for:

  • School districts
  • County governments
  • City governments

For more information on how to access these programs and assistance, contact your county extension agent or call (501) 671-2072.


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