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Arkansas Cottage Food Fact Sheet Updated

by Kristin Higgins - November 7, 2019

The Public Policy Center updated its fact sheet about Arkansas' Cottage Food law this month.Color of Cottage Food Fact Sheet

Arkansas legislators made changes to the law during the 2019 legislative session. They added to locations where Cottage Foods can be sold, which now includes:

  • The site from where the food is manufactured
  • A farmers market
  • An online farmers market
  • A pop-up shop

Act 775 of 2019 defines “pop-up shop” as “a cottage food production operation selling items in an unaffiliated established business for a limited time period with the consent of the owner of the unaffiliated established business and the owner or employee of the cottage food production operation being present at the point of sale.” The law also says that cottage food operations using pop-up shops can not sell food for wholesale distribution.

For many years, homemade products such as bread and jam were not legally allowed to be sold in Arkansas unless they were prepared in licensed kitchens that were inspected by the Arkansas Department of Health. That changed in 2011 after the passage of the “Cottage Food” law, which exempted certain foods from Department of Health oversight.

Not every food made at home is considered a Cottage Food. Find out more about the differences between Cottage Foods and Manufactured Foods at

For more information about Arkansas' Cottage Food law, download the November 2019 fact sheet discussing the law. A limited number of printed copies are available at County Extension Offices.