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Voter Guides Now Available in County Offices

by Kristin Higgins - September 26, 2018

Cover of Arkansas Ballot Issue Voter GuideThe Arkansas Ballot Issue Voter Guide is now online and in County Extension Offices across the state.

Nearly 30,000 voter guides were distributed to Cooperative Extension Service offices. This neutral voter guide explains the five ballot issues voters will see starting next month when early voting starts Oct. 22. 

The guide provides an example of how the ballot issue title will appear on the ballot, shares history of the issues, and goes into what supporters and opponents say about the measure. 

Voters will find a worksheet in the guide that they can tear out and bring with them on Election Day. The worksheet is perfect for note taking and voters write down how they want to vote on the issue so they don't forget. 

Arkansas has 1.7 million registered voters, but often you will see thousands of people stop voting once they get to the ballot issues. This voter "drop off" usually happens when people aren't aware of the issue and aren't comfortable voting on a measure. 

The Public Policy Center at the UA System Division of Agriculture Cooperative Extension Service publishes the voter guide in an effort to educate the public about the existence of ballot issues. Our goal isn't to tell you how to vote, but to give you the information you need to make an informed decision. 

Go to for information on all of the five ballot issues, as well as updates on their legal status. Four of the five proposals are being challenged in court.