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Early Voting Starts Today in Arkansas

by Kristin Higgins - October 22, 2018

Early voting starts today in Arkansas. When and where you can early vote varies by county.

Unlike Election Day, when all polls are open in Arkansas from 7:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m., counties can differ on times for early voting. Normal voting locations might not be open, and early voting might take place at just the county courthouse or at a voting center. 

To find out your local early voting site, contact your county clerk

Want to know what is on your ballot? Most counties participate in the Secretary of State's sample ballot website called Voter View. Some counties, such as Pulaski County, have their own sample ballot look up. 

Arkansas Ballot Issues

Ballots were printed before the Arkansas Supreme Court ruled that several statewide ballot issues were invalid. Electronic voting machines were also programmed before the decisions, so voters will see Issue 1 and Issue 3 on their physical ballots, but votes for or against will NOT count. This means if you circle in your choice or click on for or against, votes will not be counted on those two issues. 

What ballot issues will votes count for or against?

Issue 2 (Voter ID), Issue 4 (Casino Gaming) and Issue 5 (Minimum Wage).

Read our voter guide for more information about the three remaining statewide ballot issues. 

A voter hears how to use an electronic voting machine in the May Arkansas Primary.