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Kickstart Alma is Off and Running

by Mark Peterson - May 17, 2018

Gov. Asa Hutchinson speaks to an audience at Kickstart Alma Project 2018
Congratulations to the community leaders and citizens of Alma for launching their Kick Start Alma Action Plan on May 7. Gov. Asa Hutchinson spoke at the event, stating that this action plan points to a bright future for the community and is a key part of the future and economic development of Arkansas.

The kickoff event was the culmination of several months of community engagement and deliberation that started last August, when a team of Community Development Institute graduates studied, visited, and interacted with the community, leading to a presentation and report to the community with recommendations for the future.

The action plan addresses these issue areas: Culture, Recreation, and Beautification; Branding and Marketing; Downtown Revitalization; and Job Creation.

“Kick Start Alma has been driven by citizen engagement, and is a way for local leaders to understand where they are now and where their community wants to be in the future,” said Amy Whitehead with the University of Central Arkansas' Center for Community and Economic Development.  

“The parts of Kick Start Alma that are important are citizen engagement, getting the community mobilized, and them identifying key leaders to move forward with the development process," she said.

Kickstart Alma is a collaboration between the University of Central Arkansas Community Development Institute and the University of Arkansas Cooperative Extension Service's Breakthrough Solutions Program. Whitehead and her team from UCA are top notch, and she will be leading a discussion at our June conference on the topic of “Sustaining the Development Process, Tracking Impact, and Telling Your Story."