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A New Tool for Estimating Your Property Tax Liability

by Tyler Knapp - September 8, 2017

The 2017 Arkansas Real Estate Property Tax Calculator is now available to download free of charge at

Paying your taxes is never fun, but your property tax dollars are a critical source of revenue for schools, counties and cities in Arkansas.

Because you pay your real estate property tax liability as a lump sum once every year, it may seem like your tax liability is large.  So, What can you do to ensure that making your annual property tax payment does not become a financial burden?  Plan.

Be sure that you understand your assets (how much money you have) and liabilities (how much money you owe), so that any change you make to your spending habits doesn’t prevent you from meeting your financial obligations.

To help you with your financial planning we have created a new, Excel-based tool—the 2017 Arkansas Real Estate Property Tax Calculator—which is available to download at

While the calculator is free, it is not suitable for estimating all types of property tax liability.  Agricultural, mineral and utility properties are subject to special rules and our calculator cannot be used to estimate your tax liability in these instances. 

Also, don’t forget that the calculator produces only an estimate of your real estate property tax liability; contact your county assessor’s office to request your property tax invoice for 2017.  If you need your assessor’s contact information, visit and select your county.

Arkansas property taxes are due October 15th

For questions regarding the 2017 Arkansas Property Tax Calculator or any other government finance resources available through Community & Economic Development contact Tyler Knapp at 501-671-2080 or

The average county millage rate in Arkansas in 2016 was 44.86.  The average per capita proterty tax payment was $674 in 2014.  $350 is the maximum available tax credit to homeowners paying property taxes on their primary residence.  School districts receive 77% of property tax revenue in Arkansas, counties receive 15% and cities receive 8%.  School districts received $1.7 billion in funding from property tax for the 2015-2016 academic year.  County governments received 23% of their total revenue from the property tax in 2014.