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End of Fiscal Year Sees More Small Buys by Government

by Mary Love - July 28, 2017

Keep in mind, not all federal government solicitations are posted on FEDBIZOPPS.  Many projects with estimated dollar amounts less than $25k are purchased by phone or email.  The government needs to attempt competition from three vendors and can often take a verbal quotation which may result in a purchase order as long as the price is determined to be fair and reasonable. 

There are also the credit card buys, for purchases less than $3,500 that do not require competition, nor are posted to FEDBIZOPPS.

Now thru the end of September there will be lots of both of the above type of actions as the last of the fiscal year end money is being obligated.

The government won’t likely contact your company for one these buys unless you have marketed your business to them. 

One easy way to let them know about your business is to send them your capabilities statement, an online brochure, or your company URL.

I can hear your next question!  “Where do I get the email addresses of these Contracting Officers?”

Simple!  Go to FEDBIZOPPS, click the dropdown for Arkansas under “location” and hit “search”.  Or, if you can provide supplies and services nationwide, or even worldwide, then just hit “search” from the homepage of FEDBIZOPPS.  Open each solicitation and scroll to the bottom of the page to find the point of contact.  The name of the POC is usually hyperlinked to his/her email.  All you have to do is attach your capability statement or online brochure as a document and hit send.

The best part is that it doesn’t matter if they were buying your product in that solicitation or not.  This is your way of linking to that buying office.   Even if this person isn’t buying what you sell, they may pass the information about your company on to someone who needs your product or service.  

Second Question I hear you asking:  “What should I include in my capability statement?”

  • Your company name/logo LARGE in a prominent place on the page,
  • A brief narrative about your company,
  • A short list of your recent government contracts, or major commercial contracts,
  • A list of your products and/or services and NAICS codes,
  • Your company address and contact information – phone and email and point of contact,
  • Your CAGE code and Dun and Bradstreet number, and
  • Your company profile to include any socio-economic certifications.

But keep it simple, bullet points are good.  Divide up the categories so that it’s easy to read, for someone to quickly be able to see who you are and what you can do. Contact APAC and speak with one of our Procurement Counselors for more assistance.