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PTAC Newsletter & Client Success Story Archive

Newsletter Archive

PTAC Client Success Story  Archive

March 2020

  • APAC Success Story: All Electric Supply, Inc.
  • Arkansas PTAC is on Facebook
  • Tip of the Month: Do You Need a GSA Schedule?
  • Your Local PTAC Can Assist with State and Local Government Registrations
  • Upcoming Events
  • SBA Clarifies Subcontracting Plan Rules
  • SBA Provides Updates on WOSB Certification Changes
  • As Always, the Most Important Aspect of Your Proposal is Whether It Provides Everything that the Solicitation Required

March 2020

All Electric Supply, Inc. 

February 2020

  • Arkansas PTAC is on Facebook!
  • Arkansas PTAC Success Story:
    Bare Root Contracting, LLC.
  • Tip of the Month: Understand the Importance of Past Performance 
  • Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification – Level One
  • Upcoming Events

February 2020

Photo of construstion done by Bare Root Contracting, LLC.

Bare Root Contracting, LLC.

January 2020

  • Happy New Year from PTAC
  • Make 2020 a Year of Building Relationships
  • Stay Connected for Updates on Big Changes in 2020
  • Upcoming Events and Trainings
January 2020

December 2019

  • Client Success Story: RazorClean, Inc.
  • FBO.GOV Has Moved
  • Don't Pay for Assistance That You Can Get Free
  • Upcoming Events

December 2019

RazorClean, Inc.

 November 2019

  • Our impact from last program year July 1, 2018 - June 30, 2019
  • Know Your Limitations (On Subcontracting That Is) Part 2
  • Building A “Compliant” Sales Process
  • A Message from Defense Logistics Agency (DLA):
    Process for Accessing Item Technical Data within CFolders subject to Export Control
 November 2019

Our Impact from last program year July 1, 2018 - June 30, 2019

October 2019

  • Client Success Story: Tiffany and Ryan Dickerson - Jacob’s Cleaning, LLC 
  • Arkansas PTAC Welcomes Its Clients to
    Celebrate National PTAC Day!
  • Know Your Limitations (On Subcontracting That Is) Part 1
  • How To Protect Yourself Against Scams And Snake Oil Salesmen
  • Upcoming Events
 October 2019

Tiffany and Ryan Dickerson - Jacob’s Cleaning, LLC 

September 2019

  • Client Success Story: William Ashing – Independent Contractor, Park Attendant
  • National PTAC Day
  • Tip of the Month: Be Ready and Willing to Adapt
  • Keeping Up With An Ever-Changing Marketplace
  • Upcoming Events

 September 2019

Photo of Blue Mountain Dam Lake

William Ashing – Independent Contractor, Park Attendant

August 2019

  • Client Success Story: Five Hats, LLC
  • Welcome to New PTAC Team Members!
  • Tip of the Month: Protecting Your Company With an Ethics and Compliance Program
  • Special notice affecting all small businesses.
    Be sure to read the PTAC News You Can Use segment.
  • New SBA Small Business Size Standards Taking Effect
    On August 19th, 2019
  • Upcoming Events

August 2019


Five Hats, LLC.

July 2019

  • How to Become a Disaster Relief Contractor
  • Tip of the Month: How to Improve Your Past Performance Scores
  • Social Rules and Etiquette in Today’s Business World
  • Upcoming Events

July 2019



June 2019

  • Client Success Story: A & A Fire and Safety Company, LLC
  • Don't miss the updated Arkansas PTAC website
  • Power Up Through Teaming
  • Tip of the Month: The Multipronged Approach
  • Teaming Agreement Do’s and Don’ts
  • Government Contracting Insights: Best Practices in Teaming
  • Update on WOSB Certification
  • Upcoming Events

June 2019

SBA Small Business Person of the Year - April Broderick of A&A Fire and Safety receiving award

A & A Fire and Safety Company, LLC

May 2019

  • APAC Success Story: All Electric Supply, Inc.
  • Arkansas PTAC website update
  • Tip of the Month: Small Businesses Shouldn’t Fear The Federal Marketplace
  • Marketing Your Small Business To Federal Agencies
  • Upcoming Events
  • Runway Extension Act Update: SBA Says Three-Year Reporting Period Still Applies
  • 7 Govcon Myths That Need Busting

May 2019

Picture of graphic, letters "AES" and words "All Electric Supply" and " since 1957" in white letters on green cloth awning.

All Electric Supply, Inc. 

April 2019

  • Client Success Story: Eagle Courier Service
  • Using Bid Match for State and Local Contracts
  • Tip of the Month: How you might improve your win rate
  • How to Get the Most From Your PTAC
  • Upcoming Events

April 2019

Eagle Courier Services Graphic

Eagle Courier Service

March 2019

  • APAC Success Story: Bull Creek Welding and Fabrication, Inc.
  • Arkansas PTAC wishes a fond farewell to Procurement Technician Alyssa Huber
  • Tip of the Month: Recovering From A Government Shutdown
  • Incomplete Vendor Profiles Continue To Be An Issue For
    Small Business And Buyers
  • Upcoming Events
  • Latest Word On The Small Business Runway Extension Act
  • What to know about the Limitations on Subcontracting
  • 2019 Federal Cybersecurity Update

March 2019

Picture of metal double pen made by Bull Creek Welding and Fabrication

Bull Creek Welding and Fabrication, Inc.

February 2019

  • Client Success Story: Will's Lawn and Turf
  • Deal To Re-Open The Government Reached. But Will It Stay Opened?
  • Update on Small Business Runway Extension Act of 2018
  • Upcoming Events
  • Are You Missing Out On Massive Opportunities In The State and Local Marketplace?
  • Small Businesses Better Gear Up For A Fight

February 2019

Will's Lawn and Turf Graphic

Will's Lawn and Turf

January 2019

  • Message from the Arkansas PTAC Program Director
  • Small Business Runway Extension Act of 2018
  • SAM.GOV Tip
  • New Contact Information for Federal Service Desk (FSD)
  • GAO: Contractors – Not the Agency – Must Know Applicable Local Laws
  • GSA to Consolidate 24 Multiple Award Schedules into One

December 2018

  • This month's newsletter is a look back through 2018, highlighting various events and people.

November 2018

  • APAC Celebrates National Veterans Small Business Week
  • Proposed changes to the HUBZone Program
  • SAM Alert
  • Government Electronic Invoicing - WAWF (Wide Area Work Flow)
  • CED Blog

October 2018

  • Arkansas Procurement Assistance Center (APAC) Updates
  • What is a PTAC? 
  • How to Find Government Opportunities
  • APAC Success Story Elite Trucking, LLC
  • State of Arkansas Business Certifications
  • CED Blog

August 2018

  • Celebrate National PTAC Day with Us   
  • APAC Success Story - JohnsonDanforth, Inc.
  • What You Missed at the Oklahoma ICBS Show
  • What is Govology?
  • Importance of Reporting Your Awards
  • Upcoming Training Opportunities
  • CED Blog

July 2018

  • APAC Teaches Small Businesses How to Work with the LRAFB   
  • Commercial Experience is Essential before Delving into the Government Marketplace 
  • Understanding the New LOGIN.GOV Process for your Existing SAM.GOV Account
  • Max Franks Promoted to Program Associate II
  • Upcoming Training Opportunities
  • CED Blog

June 2018

  • APAC Program Manager Updates 
  • Preparing for a New Login Process
  • Disaster Vendor Registration for FEMA
  • APAC Success Story - A.B. Martin Services, Inc
  • OTA - Other Transactional Authority
  • Tips for Small Businesses to Market to Large Prime Contractors
  • Frequently Used Websites in Doing Business with the Government
  • CED Blog

May 2018

  • New Applications for Veteran Verification and Reverifications Suspended for 30 Days
  • Changes to Dollar Thresholds
  • SAM Security Update by Notarized Letter Process
  • Debriefings and How They Can Help You Succeed 
  • What is a Protest of a Government Contract?
  • Case Study: Kodak, the Digital Camera, and the Fate of Rochester, NY
  • CED Blog

April 2018

  • APAC Program Manager Updates 
  • An Update on the System for Award Management (SAM)
  • APAC Success Story: Jackson's Construction
  • Cyber Security Basics
  • Upcoming Training Opportunities
  • CED Blog

March 2018

  • APAC Program Manager Updates 
  • APAC Can Help With Your Solicitation Proposal
  • APAC Success Story: Central Research, Inc.
  • Learn how to use the SBA's Dynamic Small Business Search Tool
  • Show Me the Money
  • Creating Jobs by Identifying Strategic Opportunities Part IV
  • Beta.SAM....What's that?
  • Upcoming Training Opportunities
  • CED Blog

February 2018

  • APAC Success Story: A&A Fire and Safety Company
  • Small Business Monthly Cohort Introduced in Northwest Arkansas
  • Creating Jobs by Adding Love to Your Community 
  • Cyber Security and Federal Government Contracts
  • SBA to offer Free HUBZone Webinars
  • Upcoming Training Opportunities
  • CED Blog

January 2018

  • Available Local Resources: How they & APAC can help Arkansas' small businesses
  • What a First Time APAC Client Can Expect
  • January 2018 Federal, State, and Local Contract Opportunities
  • Public Sector: A New Market Segment for Many Arkansas Businesses
  • Upcoming Training Opportunities
  • CED Blog

December 2017  

  • Happy Holidays from the APAC team!
  • See pictures from training events.
  • Stay tuned for more training and events in upcoming newsletters!

November 2017  

  • APAC Success Story: Sobemo
  • APTAC 2017 Fall Conference Recap
  • Why Should I Attend the 2017 Corps of Engineers' Industry Day?
  • Arkansas Updates its Procurement Thresholds
  • Be Cautious of Phishing Scams
  • Upcoming Training Opportunities
  • CED Blog

October 2017  

  • APAC Success Story: Boyd Trailer Sales, LLC
  • Small Business Updates for FY18
  • The Federal Budget for 2018
  • Department of the Navy Event
  • APAC Welcomes New Staff Members
  • Upcoming Training Opportunities
  • CED Blog

September 2017  

  • Businesses can HELP in the Hurricane Disaster Relief Efforts
  • Contracting in a Presidential Major Disaster Declaration area
  • How to Disagree With Your Contracting Officer about the Terms of Your Contract
  • Some Things to Consider When Subcontracting on a Federal Government Contract
  • APAC Success Story: Wonder State Box Company, Incorporated
  • Upcoming Training Opportunities
  • CED Blog

August  2017  

  • Current Funding Opportunities - Federal, State and Local
  • How to Disagree With Your Contracting Officer about the Terms of Your Contract
  • Why Do Small Businesses need Training on Government Contracts? 
  • A Strategic Opportunity - Selling Goods and Services to the Public Sector
  • Upcoming Training Opportunities
  • CED Blog

July 2017

  • New Service for APAC Clients
  • HUBZone-Historically Underutilized Business Zones
  • Highlighting Success
  • Bid Matching Services
  • Check it out
  • CED Blog

June 2017

  • Are You Interested in Doing Business with NASA? 
  • Funding Opportunities from the National Park Service
  • SAM (System for Award Management) Registration is FREE
  • APAC Success Story:  Parker Land and Timber Company, Incorporated
  • The Arkansas Procurement Assistance Center (APAC) is Hiring a Full Time Procurement Counselor
  • Check it out
  • CED Blog

May 2017

  • - Where the Public Can Aid the U.S. Government in Solving Mission-Centric Problems
  • Small Business Certifications and Registration in System for Award Management
  • Highlighting Success
  • Budget...Time and Money
  • Check it out
  • CED Blog

April 2017

  • Doing business with the State of Arkansas
  • Marketing to Government Agencies
  • Highlighting Success
  • APAC Spotlight
  • Check it out - APAC website changes

March 2017

  • Making the Most of Government Contracting: Where does the SBA fit in?
  • Building the Border Wall
  • Doing Business with the General Services Agency (GSA)
  • Nevada County Highlight
  • Arkansas Emerging Leaders Program

February 2017

  • APAC Welcomes New Program Manager
  • Small Business Advantages in 2017
  • Chicot County Highlight

December 2016

  • 2016 Arkansas Regional Industry Days
November 2016

  • Government Contracting Updates
  • Upcoming Events
  • Johnson County Highlight
October 2016

  • Don't miss these opportunities to network with the federal government!
  • Upcoming Classes
  • Changes - Not What You Agreed To In Your Proposal?
  • Howard County Highlight
September 2016

  • Jackson County Highlight
  • How to Disagree With Your Contracting Officer about the Terms of Your Contract
  • Upcoming Classes
August 2016

  • Izard County Highlight
  • Marketing is Key to the Government Marketplace
  • Smaller Government Buys - For Less Than $25,000 - Especially Now At Year End
July 2016

  • Ouachita County Highlight
  • Are you ready to be a Government Contractor?
  • Payment of Government Contract invoices by Credit Card