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Breakthrough Solution Conference announcement June 6-7 2018

Arkansas Business & Communities

How can I learn about local and state ballot issuesWhat can I do to improve the local economy and quality of life? Are there resources and opportunities available to help businesses and communities achieve their goals? Or are you interested in procuring a government contract? Explore our website or contact your county Extension office to learn how the Cooperative Extension Service can support your efforts to develop forward-looking leaders, vibrant communities (including local food resources) and a better economic future for businesses large and small. Looking to keep up with the latest news and events? Visit our CED blog and get details.



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Do you have a sense that in your community or region, you are not keeping up, and that what worked even 5 years ago is not working so well today? Do you want to learn how to revitalize your community? Attend our Breakthrough Solutions Conference on June 6-7 to explore strategies to improve the economic future of your community.


Community & Economic Development Highlights


Featured Resources

Arkansas Procurement Assistance Center (APAC)

Government Contracting

Free training & technical assistance to help you sell goods & services to the government. 

Training and Education


  • Local Government                                                                                            Explore how counties provide services in a changing economic climate.

  • Public Policy Center

    Get unbiased information & learn how you can become engaged.

  • Strategic Planning                                                                                           Discover how you can shape the future of your community and region.

  • Tax Schools
    Learn from an IRS-approved Continuing Education Provider.

  • Voter Education

    Find out about state and local ballot measures that may affect you.