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What's New on the Website

Here at Extension we are leading the way with research-based information for agriculture, gardening, health, voter education, business development, and more! We work hard to bring you the most up-to-date information. Check out our new resources below.

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Grown Up U: Facts for Success Podcast - New Episodes

Do you or a young person in your life need a little help with learning how to "adult"? Our agents are here to help! They're talking finance, college, jobs, professionalism, and more in this new podcast series.

Tune in for adulting tips!

Biological Soil Amendment Videos

As a producer, there are a few things to consider before making soil amendments with manure. These videos cover the latest info on risks and best practices for biological soil amendments under the Produce Safety Rule.

Explore the videos

Around the Homestead Podcast: New Episode Alert

This podcast will teach you how to get the most out of homestead life. In this episode, learn how to get started with backyard poultry!

Tune in and start homesteadin'

Buffalo River Watershed Enhancement Project

Are you a private landowner in the Buffalo River Watershed area of Newton and Searcy County? You could be eligible for land management assistance.

See how this project can help you!

Encountering Native Snakes in Arkansas

Learn how to identify and deal with native snakes in Arkansas. Get tips for snake-proofing birdhouses and keeping snakes off your property.

Learn to identify native venomous snakes

Tangled Fishing Line that Was Discarded Along River

Fishing Line Recycling Program - Adopt-A-Bin

Fishing line that ends up in the environment poses a serious threat to wildlife and boat props! The Adopt-A-Bin program seeks to increase fishing line recycling bins, but they need your help.

Take action & learn how to adopt a bin!


Low Impact Development for Our Community Webinar - Sept. 28th

Join us via Zoom on Sept. 28 from 1:30 - 2:30 PM to better understand the benefits of using low impact development (LID) in our communities. This program is intended for anyone interested in LID, including citizens, municipal staff, and decision makers.

Learn more and register

Hops Production in Arkansas Videos

Check out these webinars to hear from specialists, local brewers, and hop growers from across the state. Topics include pest management, variety recommendations, post-harvest tips, and more. 

Find hop resources and join the community!

Do you really need to rake leaves?

Leaving the leaves in your yard can benefit wildlife and save space in landfills when you don't throw them out. Raking leaves is essentially for aesthetics purposes, but how do you keep your yard tidy and help wildlife?

Learn the pros and cons of not raking

Grow Your Own Groceries: New Presentations

In this live Zoom presentation series, learn about a specific crop or gardening practice, and then get tips for cooking your harvest in new ways. New topics include cover crops, growing garlic, and more!

See the upcoming schedule!

Live the Life You Want: Tame Your Time!

You know what they say, "time is money." It's true! If we are more conscious about how we spend our time we instinctively become more conscious of how we spend our money.

Get tips for time & money management