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The Arkansas County Agents Association is a professional organization which is designed to give dignity to, and stimulate a personal pride in the opportunity to serve the people of Arkansas in a profession as important as agriculture and related fields.  Your Association has a responsibility in carrying the message of the Land-Grant College to the people.

Through this organization we shall have the opportunity of demonstrating the value of teamwork in every branch of the Land-Grant College.  The Association is always interested in the growth and improvement of the University and in improving ourselves professionally so that we may represent the University at its best. We must also act as a recruiting agent for getting more students enrolled in the College of Agriculture.  The Arkansas County Agricultural Agents' Association is a member of the National Association of County Agents, sending delegates to the National Association Annual Meeting each year.  The Arkansas County Agricultural Agents' Association cooperates with the Arkansas Cooperative Extension Service, United States Department of Agriculture and other Agricultural Agencies.  The objectives of this organization shall be to encourage a high standard of professional performance; to promote a high degree of cooperation and loyalty; to improve the effectiveness of Cooperative Extension work, and to carry out the policies and programs of the Land-Grant Colleges in the United  States.

President's Message



Dear ACAAA Members,

I am honored to serve as president of the ACAAA in 2019.  The association has had so many outstanding leaders over the years.  I admire and have great respect for each of them.  I want to think Danny Griffin for his remarkable leadership in 2018.  Our association is much stronger because of his and others’ tireless dedication.  I will be relying heavily on his experience going forward. 

Our association continues to gain strength and stability every year.  It is very encouraging to see so many new and experienced agents serving in leadership roles, participating in leadership activities and professional improvement opportunities.  We had 35 members attend the 2018 AM/PIC in Chattanooga.  Twenty-five of those attending presented posters or presentations.   Arkansas had its share of award winners as well.  We had 3 National Achievement Award and 3 Distinguished Service Award winners, 17 state award winners, 1 regional winner and 3 national finalists.  I have always been a proponent of applying for awards and showcasing the strong and successful educational programs conducted in Arkansas.  We need to continue promoting our programs and improving visibility.  Our association provides opportunities to do just that. 

The 2018 annual meeting in Fairfield Bay was excellent.  The professional improvement tours were very educational.  We learned how to be more involved in our state and national associations and how to improve professionally.  Members were able to gain new ideas for educational programing and take those ideas back to their counties.  We are working hard to bring you another meaningful and educational state annual meeting in 2019.  The meeting will take place March 27, 28 and 29th on the North Eastern edge of the great Arkansas delta in the city of Pocahontas.    

Since joining the association in 1998, I have participated in numerous state and national AM/PIC’s, the JCEP and PILD conferences and several other professional meetings.  I have grown and learned much over the years.  I am proud of our association and all of the members who make it great.  I encourage everyone to participate any and every way you can.  Make plans to attend our meeting on November 29th in conjunction with the Arkansas Farm Bureau’s annual convention (Hot Springs Convention Center), the state annual meeting and professional improvement conference in March and the 2019 AM/PIC September 8-12, 2019 in Ft. Wayne, IN.  Start planning now to get involved, conduct successful programs and apply for those awards!  Thank you for allowing me to serve as your president.  I am looking forward to an exciting and successful year. 


Stewart Runsick

2018-2019 ACAAA President