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AACES Officers and Committees

Current AACES Officers (revised 2-6-2019)

Office 2019 Officers and Executive Board
President Rebecca Simon
Vice President John McMinn
Secretary Yolanda Harden
Treasurer Brenda Duggins
Past President Kristin Higgins
Board Member Priscella Thomas-Scott (2019)
Board Member Chelsey Kimbrough (2019)
Board Member Diane Mashburn (2020)
Board Member Erica Fields (2020)
Board Member Julie Treat (2021)
Board Member Yeshi Wamishe (2021)


AACES Committees (revised February 2019)

Committees and Members

Basic responsibilities for all AACES committees:

  • Keep a record of membership list and terms, meeting notes, minutes, and other materials.
  • Maintain and submit official records such as audit, budget, awards recipient list, roster of members, etc.
  • Provide records to President and/or Executive Committee as needed.
  • Provide records or information to the Website Committee as needed.
  • Nominating Committee

    Nominating committee: This committee works together to nominate qualified and key individuals to various other committees within AACES.

    Revised 2/6/2019

    Julie Robinson, Chair

    Chelsey Ahrens

  • Beans, Brains and Social Committee (combined in 2018)

    The Professional Improvement and Social Committees were combined at the 2018 Annual Meeting.

    This newly combined committee comes up with ideas for professional development programs and social activities for both AACES members and non-members.  They typically host “lunch and learn” or what we call “Beans & Brains”.  These are usually presented quarterly but have also been every other month.  Topics and number of events are up to the committee.  Committee members obtain speakers, plan meetings, reserve the location, promote the event, plan meals, and often prepare lunch.  Spring Fling, Fall Festival, and Business after Hours are a few of many AACES social events.  Join this committee and help plan, organize, and promote activities that develop esprit de corps, and feed our brains and our tummies!

    Revised 2/6/2019

    Gretchen SkinnerMelanie BermanChairs

    Rebecca Simon, Melanie Berman, Ashley Henderson, Julianne Dunn, John Hopkins, Shannon Caldwell, Gretchen Skinner, Amy Cole, Rachel Chaney, Armenta Lockhart, JJ Pitman, Brittney Schrick, Emily Smith, Debra Garcia, Jill Williams, Del Johnson, Marshall Robertson, Karen Watts, Julie Treat

  • Recognition and Awards

    Recognition and Awards Committee: Visit the AACES website to see a list of the awards presented each year.  This committee solicits nominations, selects recipients, and presents awards.   

    Revised 2/6/2019

    Chelsey Kimbrough, Chair

    Rebecca Simon, Chelsey Kimbrough, Rebecca McPeake, Ashley Foster, Shaunta Hudso, Julianne Dunn, Karen Ballard, Addie Wilson, Julie Treat

  • Constitution and Audit

    Constitution and Audit Committee: This committee conducts the annual audit of AACES financial records.  The committee chair presents a report at the annual meeting. They review the Constitution and Bylaws to insure they remain true to the purpose of AACES. 

    Revised 2/6/2019

    Shaunta Hudson, chair

    Shaunta Hudson, Angela Garner

  • Budget Committee

    Budget Committee: The Budget Committee prepares the annual budget and presents it for approval by the board.  The approved budget is presented by the committee chair at the annual meeting.

    Revised 2/6/2019

    Julie Robinson, Chair

    Sherry Sanchez, Julie Robinson, Shaunta Hudson

  • Fundraising Committee

    Fundraising Committee: Thanks to this sweet committee for hosting our annual Valentine’s Day bake sale.  The bake sale, along with other fund raisers, helps to support AACES activities and events including awards, social activities, professional improvement, a legislative event, a 4-H Congress trip, and sending representatives to a leadership conference (PILD).  This committee organizes and conducts our fundraising activities.

    Revised 2/6/2019

    Chelsey Kimbrough, Chair

    Debie Head, Sherry Sanchez, Katie Holland, Diane Mashburn, Ashley Henderson, Brittney Schrick, Julianne Dunn, Debra Garcia, Cynthia Martin, Emily Smith, Julie Treat

  • Website/History Committee (combined in 2018)

    Website and History Committees were combined in 2018.

    Website and History Committee: This committee maintains and updates the AACES webpages and works with other committee members to keep their information current.  This committee also maintains records to preserve the history of AACES.

    Revised 2/6/2019

    Amy Cole, Chair

    Becky Bridges, Tyler Knapp, Amy Cole, Mark Peterson, BeVerly Sims, Diana Morian, Kyle Cunningham, Karen Watts.

  • Resolutions

    Resolutions Committee: Sometimes our members have ideas about positive changes for the Cooperative Extension Service. The Resolution Committee solicits and collects these ideas.  They present them to AACES membership for voting.  Resolutions that are approved by the membership are presented to Administration for consideration. 

    Revised 2/6/2019

    Amy Cole, Chair

    Amy Cole, Kyle Cunningham, Becky McPeake, Mary Poling, Karen Watts

  • Membership

    Membership Committee: Spread the word about AACES. Recruit new and returning members. The Membership Committee conducts our annual membership drive leading up to our January annual meeting.

    Revised 2/6/2019

    Jewell Miller, Chair


  • Community Service

    Community Service Committee: We’ve supported blood drives and given to food banks.  AACES members support one or two community service projects each year.  This committee organizes service projects and recruits participation.

    Revised 2/6/2019

    Amy McClelland & Sara David, Chairs

    Cynthia Martin, Ashley Dingman, Melanie Berman, Priscella Thomas-Scott, Amy McClelland, Sarah David, Diane Mashburn, Shaunta Hudson, Amy Hedges, Addie Wilson, Emily Smith, Marshall Robertson, Katy Campbell, Angela Gardner