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Contract Review

The Office of the Chief Operating Officer is responsible for reviewing contracts for the Division of Agriculture, Cooperative Extension Service.

Who Can Sign?

The designated signatories for the Cooperative Extension Service are Senior Associate Vice President for Agriculture-Extension, Robert Scott and Associate Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, Sam Boyster.

What Organization/Business Name is Used on the Contract/Agreement?

The legal name for all CES contracts/agreements:

Board of Trustees of the University of Arkansas acting for and on behalf of the University of Arkansas System, Division of Agriculture

Is the Contract/Agreement Grant Related?

If yes, choose the appropriate Grants Office below:

If no, see the next section.

How Do I Submit a Non-Grant Contract/Agreement for Approval?

  1. Make certain your contract/agreement has the correct legal name.
  2. Contracts/agreements/MOA's should be submitted one month or sooner before the effective dates. This allows time for processing and legal review, if needed.
  3. Send your contract/agreement, supporting emails and documents to Make certain your department head is copied on the email.
  4. Include the name of the contact person for the vendor, their email address and phone number and a brief description of item(s). 
  5. MOA's written by departments will need to be sent to Mark Kiefer, Procurement Manager. Mark will return the MOA to you for corrections, if needed. Once Mark approves the MOA, he will send it to the contract office.
  6. If your contract requires legal review, we will forward it to legal counsel. Our office may ask you to complete and sign a Legal Review Form. 
  7. Once your contract has been signed, all parties involved will receive a signed copy via DocuSign. 
  8. After you receive your signed contract, please follow the purchasing guidelines on preparing a P.O.