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4-H'ers volunteering in One Day of Service in Pike County

4-H'ers volunteering

4-H is for youth and 4-H is fun! Through 4-H and the opportunities it provides, 4-H members have the ability to participate in many events and activities, as well as apply for scholarships, travel the country, and meet new friends. 4-H offers many opportunities for both youth and adults to gain leadership experiences at the local, county, district, state, national, and international levels. 

Photo: Pike County 4-H'ers volunteer in the One Day of Service opportunity.


 Youth Volunteer

As 4-H members grow in the program they gain the ability to function in a variety of 4-H roles, with the exception of Community Club or Project Leader. Developing leadership and fostering responsibility are two fundamental components of this position. Examples include mentoring younger 4-H members, serving on the 4-H Council, 4-H committees, Camp Counselors, 4-H Ambassadors, etc. For more information on 4-H Citizenship and Leadership.

One Day of Service 

Arkansas 4-H members have always been proud of the communities they call home.  One Day of Service occurs on the first Saturday in October in every county across Arkansas. It enables each 4-H member to recruit friends to help make their communities better through adopting a service project. These projects can be done as individuals or as an entire county 4-H program. Regardless of the project that is chosen, it is one day to make a difference! For more information contact your county Extension office.