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What does it mean to volunteer with 4-H?

Our volunteer leaders are the backbone of our 4-H programs, providing opportunities for our 4-H youth to expand their life skills.  While you may not receive financial compensation, you will be paid ten-fold in knowing you have helped a young person discover their hidden talents and skills.  Volunteer Leader

Why be a 4-H Volunteer Leader?  

You are wanted and needed as a 4-H volunteer. As a volunteer leader, you will experience your own personal growth as you help others attain theirs, and you will be rewarded in many ways.

Volunteers develop knowledge and skills in the areas of child and youth development, organizational planning, personal and group management.  Volunteer leaders get to meet new people and work with outstanding 4-H members and adults. As a volunteer leader, you learn new skills from other leaders and from 4-H members and contribute to the improvement of your communities.

What to expect as a 4-H volunteer

  • To prepare you for your responsibilities as a 4-H volunteer, you will be invited to special training meetings for 4-H volunteers and receive newsletters and other written materials to help you with your job.
  • County Extension agents and other volunteers will provide personal help too. 
  • 4-H Volunteer Leaders are entitled to certain tax deductions.
  • Keep an accurate record of your out-of-pocket expenses and consult with a qualified tax person.

If you would like to learn more about becoming a 4-H Volunteer, contact your County Agent for more information.