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Arkansas State-Wide Veterinary Science Events

Image of Arkansas 4H youth in a group in front of OSU large animal hospital
Arkansas 4-H youth attending the 2016 Oklahoma State University Open House. Kids toured the school and learned about the veterinary school admissions process.

The Arkansas 4-H Veterinary Science Program provides two major events for youth:

  • Field trip to a veterinary school in one of the bordering states. This event occurs in April and the goal is for 4-H students to learn about the admissions process to that particular school as well as to explore the campus of that school. Students are encouraged to attend this event independent of their parents in order to build relationships with other like-minded youth and to experience a glimpse of college life.  Students aged 11 to 19 years old are eligible to attend and can register at 4-H Online. 

           2016 Oklahoma State

           2017 University of Missouri

           2018 Louisiana State University

           2019 Mississippi State University


Veterinary science camp at an Arkansas venue. This event occurs in June and the goal is for 4-H students to experience career-focused activities and to meet Arkansas veterinarians while in a controlled and fun setting.  Parents are welcome to participate in this event as chaperones or as guests at select events. Students aged 11 to 19 years old are eligible to attend and can register at 4-H Online.

            2015 Arkansas Tech University

            2016 Arkansas Tech University     2016 Camp Lesson Book

            2017 University of Arkansas-Fayetteville     2017 Camp Lesson Book

            2018 Arkansas 4-H Center    2018 Camp Lesson Book  

            2019 Arkansas 4-H Center 

Competitive 4-H events associated with veterinary science are:I am Arkansas 4-H Logo

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