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 4-H robot pictureArkansas 4-H Robotics

This nationwide effort teaches analytical, logical and critical thinking while engaging young people in fun activities. The goal is to cultivate a new crop of astronomers, biologists, physicists, engineers and other scientists.

"4-H Robotics: Engineering for Today and Tomorrow"

This 4-H Robotics curriculum uses robotics as a means of engaging youth and developing interesting and challenging experiences with science, engineering and technology. It also uses a variety of media and means to engage youth. It is a much broader project than most of the robotic curricula currently available, which often focus on a single platform or mode of delivery.

4-H members learn:

  • To build an understanding of basic science concepts related to robotics
  • Apply the processes of scientific inquiry and engineering design
  • Build skills in science, engineering and technology
  • Use the tools of technology to enhance their learning
  • Explore related careers
  • Apply the skills and knowledge they are developing to new challenges.

Junk Drawer Robotics

Challenges participants to build robots from everyday items. In each module youth will learn about a different aspect of robotics and then design and build a robot using what they have learned. This 3 level curriculum emphasizes developing knowledge and developing skills, as well as applying what they have learned as participating youth design and build their own robots. Youth will use their Robotics Notebook to record their learning experiences, robotic designs and data from their investigations.

For more information on starting a 4-H Robotics Club contact your county Extension office.