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Operation: Military Kids (OMK)

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In Arkansas, there are over 16,000 children between birth and 18 years of age whose parents serve in active duty or reserve components of the United States Armed Forces.  

Aligned with the goals of Armed Forces, OMK delivers programs that foster resilience in military children age 5 - 18.




Check out ways to be involved in OMK Programs:

  • Technology Discovery education program provides support for youth prior to, during and following deployment.
  • OMK works with National Guard Child and Youth Services to provide educational programs for children during Yellow Ribbon deployment-related events.
  • For information about programs offered by OMK in other states, check the national website at
  • Community members are invited to volunteer in support of military children. Specific programs for military youth include:
    • Hero Packs -Backpacks filled with items that ease the deployment time, along with letters of appreciation written by a non-military child, are presented at deployment time.
    • Mobile Technology Lab - military kids spend time using the mobile lab at a local event just for them. They can learn technology, prepare podcasts, generate communications, or work on photos and scrapbooks for their family.
    • Speak Out for Military Kids - brings military and non-military kids together to develop speakers' bureaus, public service announcements or documentaries on military families' special needs.


Operation Military Kids (OMK) is a shared initiative of the US Army Child, Youth and School Services (CYS) and funded by the Army National Guard and Army Reserve in collaboration with the University of Arkansas Cooperative Extension Service.


Air Guard Family Day Garden Sombreros

 Air National Guard Children model newspaper sombreros they made during a lesson on plants at a family day event.



Post Deployment Event - Child explaining his avatar

Children explain self portraits they created to depict their future careers.

Military Youth receiving Hero Packs and Burpee Seed Packs

Teens attending a Yellow Ribbon pre-deployment event are presented with Hero Packs as well as Burpee Seeds packets of vegetable seeds.