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Did you know?  

Young people in 4-H report better grades, higher levels of academic competence, and an elevated level of engagement at school.  They are also nearly two times more likely to plan to go to college.

The significance of this research is not lost on the United States Military, who look to various 4-H program partnerships to provide educational and social opportunities for children of military personnel, both reserve and active duty.  In Arkansas, these military partnerships include 1) Operation: Military Kids, 2) Military youth camping programs, and 3) Military 4-H Club Partnership Program.


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Multiple branches of the United States Military partner with 4-H to provide opportunities for children of both active duty and reserve members from all branches of service.  4-H programs across the state welcome children of military personnel, regardless of where they live. To find an existing 4-H Club or to become a 4-H Volunteer, contact your county extension office.


4-H Military Club Members are ages 5 to 19.  Military youth may join an existing 4-H Club, or can form a new club in your county.  The 4-H educational philosophy is "Learn By Doing"  - or experiential learning. 

In Arkansas, military families can form project clubs to take advantage of the "Club in a Tub" program. A project club is a club that forms for all members to focus on the same area of interest.  Project supplies, equipment and 4-H project books are supplied in a tub at no charge. There are dozens of projects available.  Some project choices include:

image description

Iron Skillet

An adventure in cooking that teaches healthy eating. The project includes 12 - 4-H meeting cooking lesson sheets, a leader's guide, and a tub with supplies for the project.  

The supplies shown below are included in the project tub.


Toad Abodes

Junior Master Gardener

Gardening gets youth outside, teaches the science of growing plants, and encourages children to make healthy eating choices. The project tub includes member and leader books, gardening tools and gloves, and seeds for getting started.  In the image to the left, children paint clay pots to create "toad abodes" - to be placed in the garden as a habitat enhancer for toads.


Photography Girls

Photography and Videography

An opportunity for youth to learn to capture their life experiences. The supplies include (on loan) a digital camera, digital video camera, photography project books, a tripod, and photo printing paper. Note that 4-H has an annual Ross Photography Contest for children, with cash prizes.




A club may check out the 4-H Junk Drawer Robotics Toolkit, filled with tools to engineer everyday items into working machines. The project books allow young engineers to track their progress. The next step is into the world of Lego Mindstorm robotics, with kits to check out for use by members.  Marker robots such as the one pictured, allow children to generate a robot using a few simple items and markers. 


Arkansas' 4-H Military Partnership Program is funded by the United States Army with a grant from Kansas State University. Active duty installations, the Little Rock Air Force Base and the Pine Bluff Arsenal have 4-H Club programming in their Youth Centers.