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4-H Forestry Contest

 Do you like being outside in the woods?  Are you interested in learning how to identify  and measure trees? If so, the 4-H Forestry Contest might be just the thing for you!

picture of girls using a compass in the forest

Who?  Each year, 4-H'ers participate in the State 4-H Forestry Contest.  Junior and Senior 4-H members can compete.

Why? The objectives of the Arkansas 4‑H Forestry Contest are to provide the opportunity for 4‑H'ers from all counties to: 

  • Develop leadership.
  • Appreciate the need and importance of conserving natural resources.
  • Learn and understand practical forestry skills.

The Senior Winning Team will represent Arkansas at the National 4‑H Forestry Invitational at Jackson's Mill State 4‑H Camp in Weston, West Virginia.

What? The contest is a competitive event designed to help 4‑H'ers develop their knowledge of and skills in forestry and natural resources management.  Teams of three or four 4-H'ers from each county compete in five forestry events: 


Tree Id

image of red oak leaves


You must identify 25  trees. Contestants will be judged on the accuracy of identification and the spelling of common names.  Scientific names will not be required.  Incomplete names, such as maple instead of red maple, or shortleaf instead of shortleaf pine, will be considered incorrect.


Tree Measurement

image of a boy using a tree measurement stick

Each team member will identify 15 trees and estimate their diameters, merchantable heights, and volumes.  All values will be recorded.  Please note - Tree diameters will be estimated to the nearest even-numbered, 2-inch diameter class.  Tree heights will be estimated to the nearest full half‑log.  
Compass Traverse

image of a simple hand-held compass

Contestants will estimate ground distances by the pacing method and to determine direction of travel using a compass.  Each contestant musts measure a course of five lines.  The lines may be level, or slope up or down hill, and successive lines may or may not be continuous
Insect/Disease Identification

image of a long-horned beetle on an oak tree

Contestants will be required to identify 20 insect, disease or damage specimens selected from the official lists.  Contestants will be judged on the accuracy of identification and the spelling of the common names.  Scientific names will not be required.  Incomplete names will be counted as wrong, for example, caterpillar instead of eastern tent caterpillar.


cartoon of a watch and a written test

The quiz will consist of 25 questions.  Questions may be true‑false, multiple-choice, matching or fill-in-the-blank.  Contestants should circle each correct answer or fill in the blank.


Image of 4-H Forestry at the National Contest standing in front of the Camp sign

4-H National Forestry


Everything you need to know about the National Contest AND

resources to help you train can be found on this site.

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How to Register

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