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4-H Projects

Projects are a central focus of the 4-H experience. Leadership and citizenship are critical parts of every project area. The following projects  are specific to those 4-H'ers that want to focus their 4-H experience on leadership and citizenship.


Attain a broad knowledge of 4-H projects and activities and contribute to improving family and community living to become a skilled, productive, and self-directing individual.


  • Adopt and apply the latest practices and research findings to everyday living.
  • Communicate character, ethics, high moral character
  • Apply all 4-H training and experience in choosing and preparing for a vocation.
  • Explore job and career opportunities in chosen project areas.



The citizenship   project involves doing your part, following rules, serving your community, knowing how to make a difference - these are the qualities of good citizens. Through this project 4-H'ers will become well informed, productive members of society.


  • Become aware of their relationship to others: family, peers, state, nation, and world.
  • Acquire life skills that are essential for an individual to become an active, responsible citizen.
  • Demonstrate social responsibility. Learn to respect and respond to the needs, rights, and responsibilities of others.
  • Contribute to community development through service learning projects.
  • Gain insights into the principles, processes, and structures of democracy.
  • Learn how issues affect people of the world and affect us as a nation. Learn how to become involved in addressing those issues.
  • Explore career, job and productive leisure opportunities.



The leadership  project helps young people learn and practice the leadership life skills of: communication, decision making, team work, understanding yourself, responsibility, management, and learning. Learning and practicing leadership life skills is also a part of every 4-H project.


  • Identify and understand roles, attitudes, tasks, and functions necessary for effective leadership.
  • Be able to apply leadership skills to life experiences.
  • Strengthen local 4-H program by encouraging other youth to practice leadership.
  • Participate in program planning, development, and implementation, and to help recruit new members and leaders.
  • Explore career and job opportunities.



Youth will enhance their understanding of different modes of communication and strengthen their communication skills.


  • Recognize the need for obtaining information on a given topic.
  • Learn about organization of materials to be presented in a spoken or written format.
  • Develop a pleasing personal appearance before an audience.
  • Develop the ability to write or speak convincingly.
  • Explore career and job opportunities related to oral or written communication.