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 Arkansas 4-H Afterschool Curriculum 
Our user-friendly curriculum is designed to promote the Arkansas’ 4-H Afterschool program and provide 5 hours of training to Arkansas’ Afterschool Program Providers. The curriculum aligns with the Common Core State Standards and Arkansas Curriculum Frameworks. This year we are focusing our attention on K-5th grade lessons. Our goal is to provide our afterschool youth with an early introduction to 4-H and gradually grow their 4-H Afterschool program into a 4-H Afterschool Club!
Each of the 20+ lessons has a 4-H “Learn by Doing” perspective. Youth will learn through the hands-on experiential learning process. Part of this learning process includes allowing adequate time to process how each lesson applies to his/her life; this is one of the key components to making this a quality 4-H experience.
 Grandparents are our Superheroes Painting Collage


4-H Afterschool Citizenship: 

Stand Up and Speak Out Against Bullying


Stand Up and Speak Out Against Bullying4-H Afterschool Science: Junk Drawer Machines-

Introducing Basic Mechanical Concepts

Serving Up MyPlate


 Extraordinary Learning Opportunities