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Arkansas 4-H Alumni Association

The Arkansas 4-H Alumni Association became a reality in April, 1982. Hundreds of former 4-H'ers joined together to promote Arkansas 4-H. Today the organization membership continues to grow.

These former 4-H youth give their time, service, and resources to:

  • Preserve our rich state 4-H heritage for future generations
  • Tell others about 4-H and its goals by serving as resource people.
  • Make and cultivate lasting friendships with former 4-H members who have enriched their lives through 4-H educational and social opportunities.
  • Support and guide existing county 4-H programs.

Arkansas 4-H Alumni Association Mission

Our mission is:

  • To help acquaint the general public about 4-H and its purposes.
  • To cultivate the growth of lasting friendships among 4-H alumni members who have shared the enjoyments and benefits of the 4-H program.
  • To aid and support existing 4-H programs and have input into future programs.
  • To sponsor college scholarships for outstanding 4-H members.
  • To establish a distinguished 4-H alumni award
  • To provide sponsorship of certain state award programs.
  • To provide financial support for the C.A. Vines Arkansas 4-H Center and the Arkansas 4-H Foundation.
  • To meet annually on the state level with other Arkansas 4-H Alumni Association members.
  • To form county alumni chapters.
  • To serve as key resource people and speak to groups to promote 4-H.



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"Paving the way to the future for Arkansas 4-H" Arkansas 4-H Alumni Association


Purchase an engraved brick at the Arkansas 4-H Center for that special 4-H'er, volunteer leader, 4-H club, group or supporter.

With the cooperation of the Arkansas 4-H Foundation, the bricks will be placed along connecting sidewalks, walkways, around structures and building, whenever feasible.

Profits from the sale of these bricks will be reinvested in Arkansas 4-H'ers, through scholarships, grants, awards, and varied areas of support.