Arkansas Master Gardener Program

The Arkansas Master Gardener Program has over 3000 volunteers in 67 counties (from 2014 reporting numbers). These Master Gardeners reported 102,850 education hours and 181,371 service hours. Arkansas adopted the Master Gardener program in 1988 in four counties (Garland, Jefferson, Pulaski, and Saline), and it has since expanded to programs in 65 counties.

Master gardeners adding plants to a colorful garden bed.





Master Gardeners planting a garden

The University of Arkansas Master Gardeners sponsor events in a wide range of activities including educational seminars and workshops, youth gardening programs, plant therapy work with hospitals and nursing homes, community beautification projects all helping to disseminate horticulture information.  Annual plant sales are a great way to educate the public on the right plant for the right location.

Over 20 county and regional horticultural fairs or shows are coordinated annually by Master Gardeners with great success.

mg plant sale in fairfield bay

Master Gardener Spring Plant Sale in Fairfield Bay

Master Gardeners from across the state come together to volunteer at the Arkansas Flower & Garden Show annually to promote horticulture within the state. This three day event promotes horticulture through educational exhibits, speakers and trade show. On average, over 10,000 Arkansans visit the three-day show.

The University of Arkansas Master Gardeners hold an annual state conference which is hosted and coordinated by a different local program each year. This three day event provides Master Gardeners the  opportunity to participate in workshops, seminars, garden tours, and allows them to connect with other Master Gardeners from across the state.  

I want to be a Master Gardener.  How do I become one?  The first step is to fill out the Master Gardener Application.  Send in the application to the address listed on the form and it will be forwarded to Master Gardener program near you.

 October 11-17, 2015
 Arkansas Master Gardener Week 
 Celebrating the program's 27th birthday 

  Actual birthday - October 13
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