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Pepper Vine


June 25, 2016


Could you identify this tree or vine, not sure which it is? I dug it up from under a Japanese maple. It grows rapidly and prefers shade. No one seems to know what it is; I have looked in all my tree books and have attempted to look on line



The plant is a perennial vine commonly called Peppervine—Ampelopsis arborea.  It will grow in sun or shade and if it gets enough light will set small dark purple fruits late in the season.  It can be quite invasive. 



September 2010

QuestionWe have a small dark berry growing on the fence line at our home. The leaves are small and jagged and the berries are growing in clusters like a grape. I have tried to find them on the internet, but have had no luck. Are they poisonous? I hope you can help me out. They are plentiful and I would like to make jelly.


AnswerThe plant in question is Ampelopsis arborea, commonly called Pepper Vine. Although it is in the grape family, the fruit is inedible. The plant can be somewhat weedy in its growth habit.