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We now offer both secured and unsecured wireless internet access through our new wireless system. We've added a third wireless option (UAEX_Training) that will provide greater flexibility when conducting training and meetings requiring wireless access to Cooperative Extension resources such as our external website, file server or Banner. The brief descriptions below will help you determine the appropriate option for your work or meeting/training needs.
LRSO_WIFI - Secured Wi-Fi that is part of our internal network.
  • Employees should plan to use this network whenever possible. 
  • It is on the LRSO side of our firewall, offering protection for internet threats. 
  • This network will allow you access to the LRSO network resources, such as printers and the file server.
  • All CES employees will have access with their Active Directory UserID and Password. 
  • Once logged into the system, future Wi-Fi connections will occur automatically until the AD password changes (then you will be required to enter your new password).

GUEST_WIFI - Unsecured Wi-Fi (does not provide access to our internal network, external website or the OmniUpdate migration environment).

  • Users of the GUEST network do not have access to our network resources, not even our public websites.
  • This network is used for contractors, external event participants, guest, etc. 
  • It will require a special UserID and Password that can be obtained by calling the Front Desk at 501-671-2000 or the Call Center at 501-671-2255. The Guest UserID and Password will also be posted on our Employee Links webpage and Here. These areas will be updated each time the password changes. 
  • Future connections will not be automatic. You will be required to login to the guest network each time, unless the password is being cached by your browser. 
  • The special UserID and Password will change on a regular basis for security purposes. 
UAEX_TRAINING - Unsecured Wi-Fi with no authentication and access to our internal network.
  • This network will only be available for special training\meeting sessions that require users to have access to our "internal" resources.
  • This network will not require any special logins or setups. 
  • You must request this wireless network option at the same time you request your room reservation. Just invite, along with your other attendees, to your meeting\appointment in Office365.


LRSO_WIFI Setup for Windows 7

If you have any questions or problems with setting up your wireless devices, please contact the Call Center at 501-2255 or 1-866-779-3375 or