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Our extension and research staff and faculty are always finding new ways to connect with our clients. 

Call of the Wild

4-H Camp Coordinator Shannon Caldwell visited with "Call of the Wild" host Steve Wilson on Little Rock radio station KARN about all the cool things youth can do at summer camp. 


Public News Service 

Learn how changing the way you wash your car could have benefits for the environment. Public News Service's Veronica Carter reports: See our original story here:


Car washing


Agri Arkansas 

Learn about the history and the work of the Arkansas Cooperative Extension Service in this edition of AETN's Agri Arkansas. 

Tony Windham on AETN

 National Ag Day Celebration - Bentonville, Arkansas. 

Ozarks agriculture at center stage in KUAF series

KUAF Community Spotlight


Take a listen as KUAF-FM's Community Spotlight Series features aspects of Ozarks Agriculture. The series is the handiwork of Johnny Gunsualis and Neal Mays,Benton County extensionstaff chair and ag agent for the University of Arkansas System Division of Agriculture and Pete Hartman, operations manager at KUAF. And talk about homegrown, the music is composed and performed by John Clark, world-renowned fruit breeder for  the University of Arkansas System Division of Agriculture. 

Segment No. 1 - Farm to School 

Dennis McGarrah with tractor

Farmer Dennis McGarrah is interviewed about his role in farm to school produce.

We hear from Benton County Extension Agent Neal Mays as he speaks with Ally Mrachek of Fayetteville Schools and local farmer Dennis McGarrah about "Farm to School"

Segment No. 2 - Agritourism

Johnny Gunsaulis visits with Dwayne Parsons about agritourism in Arkansas.  

The Remington Family
The Remington family talks about life on the farm. 

Segment No. 3 - The Family Farm

Life on the Farm - Part 1 with Roger Remington's family. 

Segment No. 4 - The Family Farm, part 2.

Life on the Farm - Part 2. A continuation of the Remington family interview. 

Segment No. 5 - Robots and sally ports

4-H in the 21st Century -  Johnny Gunsaulis talks about 4-H and how it's' more than just cows and cooking. 

Segment No. 6 - Protected agriculture

Expanding the growing season - First of two parts from fruit, nut and vegetable researcher Elena Garcia on protected agriculture. 

Segment No. 7 -  Protected agriculture

Tunnel vs. greenhouse - Neal Mays speaks with Elena Garcia on protected agriculture. 

Segment No. 8 - Changes in NWA 

Growth of the poultry industry, changes in farming in NW Arkansas. 

Segment No. 9 - Changes - Part 2

More on the growth of NWA and changes in agriculture over the decades. 

Jeff Marley

Segment No. 10 - Discovery Farms

Jeff Marley of Elkins talks about what he's learned being part of the Discovery Farms program. 


Segment No. 11 - Beekeeping

Extension apiarist Jon Zawislak talks about the 0mportance of these polinators. 

Segment No. 12 - Dairy

Extension client Susan Anglin talks about dairy in Arkansas. 

Segment No. 13 - Fruit research

John Clark talks about the Division's fruit breeding program. 

Segment No. 14 - Fruit and vegetable production

David Dickey of Dickey Farms visits with Neal Mays. 

Segment No. 15 - Food Safety

This segment features Steve Seideman, recently retired extension food safety specialist. 

Segment No. 16 - Family farming 

Benton County extension agent Johnny Gunsaulis speaks with Brent Butler, whose family won a last year's Benton County Farm Family of the Year. 

Segment No. 17 - Water quality research with Discovery Farm project

Andrew Sharpley Director of the Discovery Farm Program at the U-of-A talks about the work he has done with helping local farmers sample farm runoff wate

Segment No. 18 - Discovery Farm - poultry

How the Discovery Farm project plays out in a real-world scenario.


Arkansas Land & Life 

Since the 1990s, the University of Arkansas System's Division of Agriculture has produced Arkansas Land & Life magazine. The twice-a-year publication highlights the Division's people and the work they do on behalf of all Arkansans. The video version of Arkansas Land & Life, which made its debut in 2015, brings our stories to life. 

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