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Arkansas Extension Homemakers Council

Image of family inside a home with a solid red shape of Arkansas in the background. A rounded edge triangle surrounds the state bearing the words, ”Community Service, Leadership Development, Education” Since 1912, members of the Arkansas Extension Homemakers Council (AEHC), have made it their mission to empower individuals and families to improve their lives through continuing education, leadership development, and community service.

The organization is one of the largest nonprofit volunteer groups in the state with a membership of 4,400 and over 350 clubs. Extension Homemakers, the Cooperative Extension Service, University of Arkansas, and the United States Department of Agriculture are partners in providing education to families throughout Arkansas.


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Picture of AEHC awards luncheon on June 3, 2014
Picture of Saline County members

Arkansas Extension Homemaker Delegates
2014 Annual State Meeting awards luncheon at the Hot Springs Convention Center, June 3, 2014.

   174 Years of Volunteerism
 Beulah Wright, center, Saline County, celebrates 74
 years of membership with Extension Homemakers.
 Her daughter Patsy Wagner, left, celebrates 50-years,
 and Sylvia Nalley, right, is also a 50-year member. Kris  Elliott, center back, is the FCS agent. Ruby Wells (64 years)  and Doris Whitaker (50 years) were also
 recognized at the June 2014 state meeting in
 Hot Springs.



Bylaws and Standing Rules

  • Bylaws

    AEHC bylaws form the policy of the state organization. Each council and club must write their own bylaws and submit a copy to the Volunteer Coordinator's office. A copy of all revised or updated bylaws must be submitted to the Volunteer Coordinator's office also.

  • Standing Rules

    Standing rules relate to the details of administration of AEHC.