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Life doesn’t come with a manual, so where do we turn for solid advice on relationships, health, finances and food? Family and Consumer Sciences engages the science and research behind what keeps us and our families healthy in mind and body. FCS is a vital part of University of Arkansas Cooperative Extension Service.

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Client testimonials


Nutrition Education Program- Right Bite Program (FCS)

"This class has been so helpful to me. Not only have I learned to cook for myself and control my diabetes, I have friends and family coming so they can learn to cook healthy for their families as well. As an added benefit, my A1c has dropped and my cholesterol is under control. Who knew I could lose 45 pounds cooking like I should and still eat great tasting foods? " Miller County Right Bite participant.


Health and Aging- Strong Women Program (FCS)

"I really have noticed being more flexible, having less joint pain and better balance. I can tell a great difference. I have more endurance now. My balance has improved. I feel much more confident in my ability to prevent a fall. This is an excellent program." Lafayette County Strong Women participant


Family and Consumer Economics Program- Financial Management Program (FCS)

Program participants report they are spending less, but getting more products due to the education provided during club meetings. One member reports that the strategy of stock piling while items are at their best price has significantly decreased food insecurity in her home. Members report using the strategies taught in meetings has resulted in decreased stress over food and household supply cost.


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