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Urban Entomology/Pest Management in Arkansas

Urban pest management involves the study and control of arthropods that affect people, animals, and plants in the human environment. It is not restricted to insects found only in cities and smaller communities but includes a much broader area involving insects and other arthropods associated with the peoples’ surroundings and activities at home, work, and play, whether in an urban or rural environment. Specific areas of interest within the Extension Urban Entomology Program include structural and household pest management (PM), public health/mosquito PM, turf and ornamental PM, stored product/food PM, and sponsored product evaluation.

If any insecticide is to be used to manage insect pests of the home, yard and garden, it is crucial to consult the MP-144, Insecticide Recommendations for Arkansas, for recent updates on pesticides labeled for those uses.  Please remember to follow the label -- the label is the law, not a recommendation.

Check out this article from Dr. John Hopkins regarding tips on preventing insects and spiders from entering your home.