UACES Facebook C.E.S.P. 3-20: Monthly Certificate of Service


System Management - Payroll

C.E.S.P. 3-20: Monthly Certificate of Service

Date Revised: 3-2-2009
Supersedes: 5-3-2002

Summary:  Establishes instructions for completion of time sheets by all classified, temporary, and WOWN employees.

Reporting Procedures

1. Preparation – The Division time sheet should be prepared at the close of each pay period.
2. Reporting Time- All employees covered under this policy must report actual hours worked and leave taken on the time sheet.
3. Leave Codes - Use the following leave designations as appropriate:

·        (AL) – Annual Leave

·        (SL) – Sick Leave

·        (CEA) - Children's Educational Activity Leave

·        (CAT) - Catastrophic Leave

·        (COM) - Compensatory Time Earned

·        (FMLA) -  Family/Medical Leave

·        (H) - Holiday

·        (IWL) - Inclement Weather Leave

·        (J) - Jury Duty/Court Leave

·        (LFS) - Leave for Study

·        (LWOP) - Leave Without Pay

·        (PM) - Paid Military Leave

·        (UPM) - Unpaid Military Leave

4. Certification - When signing this time sheet, employees are certifying that all information accurately reflects time worked or leave reported.
5. Review and Approval – The appropriate supervisor in each department or county office shall review and sign the employee’s time sheet. 
6. Retention – The time sheet must be retained in the department or county office for three years.