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We are part of the University of Arkansas Cooperative Extension Service’s statewide network and the University of Arkansas System’s Division of Agriculture.  Our mission is to provide research-based information through non-formal education to help all Arkansans improve their economic well-being and the quality of their lives.  Whether it is agriculture, 4-H, health and living, or community development, the Pike County Extension Office is at your service!

Nine Pike County youth return from State 4-H O'Rama.

Pike County Brings Home Awards and Scholarships from State O'Rama Event

During the 2015 Awards of Excellence Banquet, nine hard working 4-H members were recognized for their outstanding achievements. Heather was awarded the State Family and Consumer Sciences Sue Marshall Scholarship. Reagan received a Sue Marshall Scholarship and Ryann was awarded the Maeda Asbell Scholarship. 

The 4-H Project Book Winners were: Cammie for Safety, Heather for Leadership, and Reagan for Fabric and Fashion. Record book awards are not easily earned and those who do receive the award have put in several years of hard work and dedication. 

Competitive events were held throughout the week and Pike County 4-H members earned spots in the top five in each of the following: Taylor - 1st place in Bait Casting and Fish ID; Maria - 3rd place in Fashion Review Constructed Dressy; and Andy - 5th place in Environmental Stewardship. Also competing were Ashley in Poultry and Derek in Health.

Each year, returning 4-H Ambassadors are honored for their continued service to Arkansas 4-H. Pike County 4-H Ambassadors recognized at this year's State O'Rama were: Derek, Reagan, Ryann, and Heather. In the past year, these members have promoted 4-H through presentations, attended and participated at the Arkansas 4-H Ambassador Workshop, Teen Leader Conference and found many ways to serve at the county and club level. Heather and Ryann finished the year as state officers, with Heather being inducted into the 4-H Hall of Fame. 

Pike County 4-H members represented our county and 4-H very well and we are extremely proud of them. For more information on being a 4-Her, call 870-285-2161 or email apetty@uaex.edu.

Photo: Pike County 4-Hers' attending State O'Rama. Front row, left to right: Cammie, Ashley, Reagan, Heather and Maria. Back row, left to right: Taylor, Derek and Andy. 

Flock of chickens in the backyard pen.

Pike County Agriculture

Backyard poultry flocks are very popular now but owners should be aware of bio security precautions since high pathogenic Avian influenza has been diagnosed in several states, including Arkansas. Avian Influenza, commonly known as "bird flu", is an infectious disease of birds caused by type A Influenza viruses. The disease is carried by many wild bird species including migratory waterfowl like ducks and geese, which show few if any clinical signs of the disease. Influenza in birds is very contagious and can cause severe illness and death in domestic species such as chickens and turkeys. The potential losses and costs associated with outbreaks make it extremely important for the poultry producer and small poultry flock owner to protect their flocks against Avian Influenza and other diseases by using Bio security practices such as: Keep "No Visitors" signs posted at the entrance of the farm and enforce this by not allowing visitors on the farm or in the poultry houses. All farm personnel should wear separate clothing on the farm and these clothes should stay on the farm. Do not visit other poultry farms or flocks or have contact with other species of birds. Keep all poultry houses securely locked. All equipment, crates, coops, etc. should be thoroughly disinfected before and after use. Do not visit areas where Avian Influenza is a problem. If you have poultry on your farm that are sick or dying, see any unusual signs in your poultry, would like more bio security tips or have questions concerning Avian Influenza, contact your veterinarian, livestock inspector, local county agent, the University of Arkansas Cooperative Extension Service poultry veterinarian (479-957-4245) or the Arkansas State Veterinarians office (501-907-2400).

Photo: Flock of chickens in backyard pen.  


 Children sitting in circle watching other children present a Farm to You exhibit.

 Pike County Family & Consumer Sciences 

SERVING UP MY PLATE AND FARM TO YOU: Healthy eating and regular physical activity play a powerful role in preventing obesity and chronic diseases, including heart disease, cancer and stroke - the three leading causes of death among adults aged 18 years or older. In an effort to turn the trend, the University of Arkansas Extension has provided a nutrition curriculum, "Serving Up My Plate," to local schools. The key to achieving and maintaining a healthy weight isn't about short-term dietary changes. It's about a lifestyle that includes healthy eating, regular physical activity, and balancing the number of calories you consume with the number of calories your body uses. The "Serving Up My Plate" curriculum gives students a good overview of nutrition, exercise, portion size, and the rewards of making good food decisions. In addition to the classroom lessons, food tastes samples are provided with each of the four lessons to encourage students to try new foods that both taste good and are good for them. A "Farm to You" walk-through exhibit is scheduled and set up for each participating school to reinforce the classroom lessons. This curriculum is a great step in helping Pike County make healthy choices!  

Photo of Children learning about food, in the Farm to You walk through exhibit. For more information on Serving Up My Plate, Farm to You, Healthy eating choices, or Exercise, contact Eva Langley at 870-285-2161 or elangley@uaex.edu.




SAFETY REMINDER: Canner Dial Gauges Should Be Checked Annually 

Check Your Pressure Canner Gauge Reminder

For more information on Food Preservation and Upcoming Classes,

Call 870-285-2161 or email Eva Langley at elangley@uaex.edu.

Photo: Jam and Jelly Class        Photo: Canner Pressure Gauge Check       


2015 Pike County Members at Spring AEHC Meeing

Pike County Extension Homemakers

Our Pike County EHC Clubs work together to provide school supplies, backpacks, and healthy baby baskets for local families and children through a partnership with the Pike County Department of Human Services and the Pike County Health Department.  The Arkansas Children's Hospital receives 'boggins and pajama bottoms made by members throughout the year.  Care Packages were assembled and delivered to the Little Rock Ronald McDonald House as part of this year's county-wide community service project.

Photo: Pike County EHC members attended the 2015 Spring AEHC Meeting


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Eva Langley, Pike County FCS Agent, teaching Best Care ClassChild Care Provider Program

Pike County offers 3 types of Child Care Provider classes for providers to earn credit hours through Traveling Arkansas Professional Pathways (TAPP) registry.

(1) Best Care classes are offered annually in a classroom setting held in Nashville, Arkansas in January and February. Child care providers can receive up to 10 hours of credit by attending these classes.

(2) Best Care Connected is an online course that provides five hours of verified training through the TAPP Registry. The areas of emphasis include: Child Development, Health, Nutrition, and Resource Management. To sign up go to http://courses.uaex.edu.

(3) Guiding Children Successfully is offered through DVDs and handouts for up to 30 hours credit and is available at no charge through the County Extension Office.

Photo: Eva Langley, CEA-FCS teaching Best Care classes conducted by Pike, Howard and Sevier Counties held in Nashville.