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Clark County, Arkansas
Cooperative Extension Service

We are part of the University of Arkansas Cooperative Extension Service’s statewide network and the University of Arkansas System’s Division of Agriculture.  Our mission is to provide research-based information through non-formal education to help all Arkansans improve their economic well-being and the quality of their lives.  Whether it is agriculture, 4-H, health and living, or community development, the Clark County Extension Office is at your service!

Field of green ryegrass

Clark County Agriculture

Drought Related Recovery

The Clark County Extension Service hosted or assisting with 7 drought related recovery meetings (local and regional) including the  Southwest District Extension Research Field Day to assist producers to better understand how to recover from the two year drought. 773 county and area producers representing over 80,000 acres of forage production, were educated on methods which improved their grazing practices, winter annual production programs, and weed control practices to increase forage production. Contact Jerry Clemons for more information.

Learn more about the Clark County Agriculture Program. 

Photo: No till drill Ryegrass plot.  

Teenage boys & girls sitting in the classroom floor playing a game; other students sitting in chairs in the background

Clark County 4-H

With the objective of making students more comfortable and prepared in STEM fields, Amy Simpson conducted hands-on programs  with 140 students in Arkadelphia. Lessons included Using GPS to Map Wildlife, Wood Duck and Bluebird Habitat and Building Houses, Identifying Wildlife Using Tracks and Scat, Improving Wildlife Habitat Using Native Plants, and How Wild Animals and Plants Can Help With Environmental Problems. Careers opportunities in natural science fields were discussed with each program.  The hands-on learning opportunities made the activities interactive, fostering an new excitement among students for science.   Learn more about the Clark County 4-H Programs.

Photo: Students working in STEM program.

Older man and woman sitting in chairs while exercising their arms with stretch bands; woman in front wearing a peach colored short set with arms outstretched and a smile on her face; man is wearing a white shirt, blue jean shorts and a dark colored baseball cap; his arms are outstretched

Clark County Family & Consumer Sciences

Clark County Extension Service is dedicated to meeting the community education needs of its residents with a variety of relevant programs such as Diabetes Support, Small Step to Health & Wealth, Best Care, Guiding Children Successfully, Senior Nutrition, Exercise Programs. JoAnn Vann works closely with the entire county to increase knowledge of health and wellness.

The Clark County Senior Center Exercise Program Coordinator reports that participation in fitness classes has drastically increased and participants report a higher feeling of well-being.  Learn more about Clark County's Family and Consumer Sciences Programs.

Photo: Members of the Senior Activity Center participate in fitness class.

2 women wearing green t-shirts are sitting at a table with eggs in cartons writing in a notebook; man and boy are standing on the other side of the table watching; wall with posters in the background

Clark County Community Development

The Clark County Extension Service trains volunteers to address several quality of life issues.  These volunteers provide educational outreach and services through the Master Gardener program, Extension Homemaker's Clubs and 4-H Youth Development Programs, such as:
Arkadelphia Community Gardens, courthouse beautification, county fair check-in, college scholarships, sponsorships for county fair and 4-H awards, donating dialysis pillows and "quilts or valor", and hands-on educational and service learning activities for county youth. Contact Jerry Clemons, CEA-Staff Chair at the Clark County Office.

Click here to learn more about the Master Gardeners program.

Photo: Master Gardeners provide horticulture check-in services at the Clark County Fair.