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Working to empower and educate Arkansas voters

More than 1.6 million Arkansans - 55 percent of the state's population - went to the polls during the 2012 General Election. 

Along with presidential and congressional candidates, voters had statewide issues to decide, and in some cases, local issues dealing with taxes or community needs.

Because candidates dominate most election season coverage, it is very possible that voters walk into the voting booth with little knowledge of the ballot issues before them.

Decisions might be based on the memory of the last campaign sign they saw or voters end up skipping the ballot issue all together because they don't want to vote on something they don't understand.

The Public Policy Center helps Arkansans better understand the financial, social or policy implications of a proposed law by publishing research-based fact sheets on ballot issues and by offering educational programs at the county level. Our goals are to increase voter participation and help Arkansans feel confident in their vote.

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