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Resources for Entrepreneurs

In order to foster entrepreneurism in food product development, we have established a list of resources that will assist entrepreneurs in finding the needed services. The services below are grouped as follows;

Ingredient Supplier Tile

Ingredient Suppliers

This list contains suppliers for various ingredients that you may need to formulate your new food products. 

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Equipment Supplier Tile

Equipment Suppliers

 This list contains the major suppliers of food processing equipment. 

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Packaging Equipment and Supplies Tile

Packing Equipment and Supplies

 This list contains the major suppliers of food packaging equipment and supplies.

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Food Tasting and Analysis Laboratories Tile

Food Testing and Analysis Laboratories

This list contains laboratories you may need to analyze foods for  various chemicals and bacteria. 

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Copacking and Contract Picture Tile

Copacker and Contract Manufacturing

This lists copackers you may wish to use to manufacture your food product idea. 

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Breakdown of food costs

Help for Small Businesses/Assistance/Grants 

This list various resources small food entrepreneurs may use for assistance in getting new products to market.

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