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The Arkansas County Agents Association is a professional organization which is designed to give dignity to, and stimulate a personal pride in the opportunity to serve the people of Arkansas in a profession as important as agriculture and related fields.  Your Association has a responsibility in carrying the message of the Land-Grant College to the people.

Through this organization we shall have the opportunity of demonstrating the value of teamwork in every branch of the Land-Grant College.  The Association is always interested in the growth and improvement of the University and in improving ourselves professionally so that we may represent the University at its best. We must also act as a recruiting agent for getting more students enrolled in the College of Agriculture.  The Arkansas County Agricultural Agents' Association is a member of the National Association of County Agents, sending delegates to the National Association Annual Meeting each year.  The Arkansas County Agricultural Agents' Association cooperates with the Arkansas Cooperative Extension Service, United States Department of Agriculture and other Agricultural Agencies.  The objectives of this organization shall be to encourage a high standard of professional performance; to promote a high degree of cooperation and loyalty; to improve the effectiveness of Cooperative Extension work, and to carry out the policies and programs of the Land-Grant Colleges in the United  States.

President's Message

Dear ACAAA Members,

What a busy time we have in store for our association and our members in the next few months! As you know, we will host the 2016 NACAA AMPIC in Little Rock on July 24-28, 2016 (click the link to register).

This has been a long term commitment from our members and our administration since we received the bid from the NACAA for this monumental task. I am honored to serve as your 2015-2016 ACAAA President during this exciting year. We have a wonderful group of people to serve as your officers and board members for our state association. Likewise, we have assembled a team of dedicated committee chairs and members who have been extremely busy preparing for the national meeting.

The Arkansas Farm Bureau annual convention will be held December 2-4, 2016 in Little Rock. Our DSA recipients will be recognized on Wednesday, December 2 at the 1:00 p.m. General Session. Our association will meet during that conference on Thursday, December 3 from 1:00 – 3:00 p.m. in the Conway room.

The NACAA Winter Board meeting will be held in Little Rock on December 9-12, 2016. The entire board will be here to tour our facilities and headquarter hotel for the 2016 AMPIC. Many committee chairs will be invited to be in Little Rock at some point during that week to provide an update to the board. Jerry Clemons and I will be in touch soon to clarify what we need from each of you as we prepare for this board meeting.

On the state level, we have continued to increase our membership over the past few years, and I hope that this trend continues this year and beyond. I encourage you to renew your membership and to encourage anyone that is eligible to join our association. Please reach out to “new-hires” and extend a personal invitation.

Our state ACAAA meeting will be held in Searcy on March 30 thru April 1, 2016. Please mark your calendars and details will be forthcoming soon. I encourage you to submit award applications this year, as these are an excellent opportunity to showcase the work you do in your county. I will keep the membership informed of important dates and events as they are planned. Again, I greatly appreciate the honor of serving as your President and I look forward to a successful year for the ACAAA. 

Sherri Sanders

2015-2016 ACAAA President