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Welcome to the Division of Agriculture

Agriculture is an inseparable quality of Arkansas' character. The state's economy was built on farming, and today one in six jobs is based on some facet of agriculture, whether livestock; or fruit, vegetables, flowers, forestry, turf and nuts; and row crop farming. The core mission of the University of Arkansas System Division of Agriculture is to make a positive impact for that key industry through the research done by the Arkansas Agricultural Experiment Station and the teaching done by the Cooperative Extension Service. 

And we are so much more. We help families and communities build economic and interpersonal strengths, and through 4-H, we help Arkansas youth grow the qualities they need to succeed as adults and citizens. 

We are where you are. You'll find us in all 75 Arkansas counties. You'll also find us on five university campuses, at five research and extension centers and at eight branch experiment stations. Wherever you look in Arkansas, you'll find the University of Arkansas Division of Agriculture. We look forward to serving you.

Dr. Mark Cochran, VP for Agriculture

Growing your investment

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The Division of Agriculture is deeply rooted in Arkansas. 


From the ground up, we've been making a return on your investment for more than 150 years.  

Publicly funded agricultural research and extension means lower costs for consumers, higher profits for the state's largest industry and more sustainable resources for everyone. 

Last year, a study by Battelle Technology Partnership Practice and BioDimensions found that the life sciences related to agriculture have a $240 billion economic impact in the South. And a study by the Economic Research Service of USDA, found that a tiny 3.73 percent increase in research and development spending would increase agricultural output by an astounding 73 percent by 2050. 

We are committed to making your investment grow. Learn more by visiting our Agricultural Experiment Station site at or the Cooperative Extension Service at


Our Mission

The mission of the Division of Agriculture is to advance the stewardship of natural resources and the environment, cultivate the improvement of agriculture and agribusiness, develop leadership skills and productive citizenship among youth and adults, enhance economic security and financial responsibility among the citizens of the state, ensure a safe, nutritious food supply, improve the quality of life in communities across Arkansas, and strengthen Arkansas families.


Picture of Dr. Tony Windham
Dr. Tony Windham

Associate Vice President for Agriculture - Extension

Meet Dr. Windham


Picture of Dr. Clarence Watson
Dr. Clarence Watson

Associate Vice President for Agriculture - Research

Message from Dr. Watson


Picture of Dr. Michael Vayda
Dr. Michael Vayda

Dean of Dale Bumpers College and Associate VP - Academic Programs

Meet Dr. Vayda



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Chuck Culver

Director of External Relations



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Mark Scott

Chief Communications Officer



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Mary Hightower

Director of Communication Services




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Barbara Batiste

Affirmative Action/Civil Rights Compliance Officer


Picture of Lisa Childs
Lisa Childs

Assistant Vice President for Technology Commercialization and Patent Attorney


Picture of Josh Newton
Josh Newton
Govt Affairs and Legal Counsel
Office of Legal Counsel


Picture of Christina Miller
Christina Miller

Assistant to the Vice President for Agriculture


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Rita Watson

Administrative Support for the Vice President's Office


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Pat Walters

Administrative Support for the Affirmative Action Office



Division of Agriculture Web Sites

  • Cooperative Extension Service (UAEX)

    The Cooperative Extension Service is part of the University of Arkansas System Division of Agriculture. With offices in all 75 counties, our faculty and staff provide educational programs and research-based information to the people of Arkansas. From agricultural programs to family financial management to youth education, we offer educational programs that have immediate and practical applications.

  • Arkansas Agricultural Experiment Station (AAES)

    The Arkansas Agricultural Experiment Station is the research component of the Division of Agriculture. AAES is the primary research support agency for Arkansas farmers and ranchers, food processors, related industries and consumers. Research topics also include issues that impact the families, communities and natural resources associated with Arkansas agriculture.

  • Dale Bumpers College of Agricultural, Food & Life Sciences

    Bumpers College offers 13 inter-related majors and 21 minors to prepare students for rewarding professional careers developing sustainable solutions for food, family and environmental issues.